Press Release December 2008 On November 24

Press Release
December 2008
Successful TFL Workshop on waste water treatment in Italy
On November 24th 2008, the sales team of TFL Italy in Montebello organized a workshop for their
local wet-end and beamhouse customers on the topic “Products and technologies for the reduction
of chloride, sulphate and chrome - an answer to the latest local regulations”.
This discussion topic has become of great actuality for the tannery cluster of Arzignano, in
particular since the wastewater treatment plant has been given a deadline for the reduction of the
above-mentioned substances in the effluent released.
For this reason, many important persons of the waste water treatment plant, like Ing. Orsetti and
Ing. Refosco, as well as the mayor of Arzignano, Dr. Stefano Fracasso, joined the workshop.
The presentations of Dr. Umberto Sammarco (a local expert in this field), Antoine Lenglart and
Mariano Baldisserotto provided the participants with an extensive update on the global status of
research and technology.
Afterwards the latest results gained by TFL in this crucial field of research, like the TFL Hair Save
System and the ammonia-free deliming were presented. In addition they introduced the new nonswelling pickle acid SELLATAN® PA, that can replace all pickle acids used in the tanning process
featuring an important reduction of chloride and sulphate in the released tanning float.
Furthermore, it enables an improved chrome fixation thus allowing a reduced offer.
After giving the main guidelines for the industrial application of our specialties and the illustration of
the first results, an open discussion followed that went on during the final buffet.
Starting from January, all the tanneries will have to conform to these new parameters. The
requirement for eco-friendly solutions attracted about 70 people who were very enthusiastic to
participate to the event conducted by TFL.
Legend to the picture: Dr. Sammarco (a local expert in this field) during his presentation.