January 2010 TFL ECO Guidelines

Press Release
January 2010
Brochure “TFL ECO Guidelines, Part 2 – Salt & Nitrogen Reduction in the
Leather Making Process”
Please find enclosed our latest edition of the TFL ECO Guidelines. This publication
is the second in series that TFL is preparing in order to enhance the understanding of
ecological aspects in leather manufacturing.
The issue “Salt & Nitrogen Reduction in the Leather Making Process” shows in a
clear and easy to understand manner, how much and at which process steps the
salts and nitrogen levels can be reduced by means of modifications to the process
and the chemicals being used.
We are convinced that the brochure is customised to the particular requirements of
our direct customers and very useful for the whole leather processing industry.
The TFL ECO Guidelines brochure is now available. Please contact your local TFL
partner for further details or have a look at www.tfl.com.