ISO Certification for TFL Argentina S.A.

Press Release
November 2010
ISO Certification for TFL Argentina S.A.
In October 2010, TFL Argentina S.A. has successfully received its re-registration according
to the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. All quality processes were re-examined in all areas for
compliance with the current standard.
Its quality management system is also for the company a management tool and a great help
in continuous improvement with the main target: customer satisfaction.
TFL Argentina quality policy can be described as follows:
- continuous improvement of our efficiency in order to fully satisfy the requirements of our
- to react flexibly on new market requirements
- to make the whole staff sensitive to safety, environment, cleaning, cleanliness and to
respect the legal requirements
TFL’s worldwide Quality Management:
The goal of TFL is to provide their customers with high quality services and products. In
order to ensure this goal, TFL‘s policy has established a Quality Management system
according to ISO 9001 in all major TFL Group Companies.
The following TFL companies have a valid quality management system based on the ISO
9001 standard:
TFL Argentina
TFL do Brazil
TFL China
TFL France
TFL India
TFL Italy
These ISO certifications demonstrate TFL’s commitment to customer satisfaction and to
deliver excellence in all areas of operations worldwide.
This achievement is the result of the entire organization working together in effectively
developing and maintaining its Quality Management System.
Meeting the ever growing customer demand for the highest level of quality is vital to the
future success of companies in any kind of business. TFL has demonstrated its commitment
to quality and to continuous improvement of its management system by successfully
achieving registration in all its Production plants worldwide.