Western Organization For Women By-Laws Article I. Name

Western Organization For Women By-Laws
Article I. Name
The name of this Organization shall be the Western Organization for Women, Western Illinois
University, Macomb, Illinois.
Article II. Purpose
The purpose of this Organization shall be to provide for continuing interaction among members
to consider and act on common interests and issues relating to women. Specifically, the
Organization shall have the following objectives:
1. To promote equal opportunity for women in all situations within the University.
2. To enhance the position of women at the University.
3. To collaborate with other local, state and national women’s organizations to assist in improving
the status of women in the general social structure.
4. To stimulate and encourage women students at Western Illinois University to become aware of
their roles as women and to participate in activities to define and enlarge those roles.
Article III. Membership
Section A.
1. Active membership shall be open to persons employed or previously employed at WIU, their
spouses, students or alumni of WIU.
2. Associate membership shall be open to all women and men who support the aims of the
Organization. Associate members shall participate without voting privileges.
Section B. Membership Dues
Membership dues of the Organization shall be set by the executive and advisory board with dues
contingent upon student status and salary. This should be published in the fall of the year as
memberships for the upcoming year are recruited.
1. Active Members
2. Associate Members shall pay dues at the same rates as active members.
Article IV. Officers
Section A.
The officers of this Organization shall be two Co-Presidents, Secretary, and Treasurer. Length of
office shall be two years, with terms staggered so that two of the four officers are elected each
On even years, one co-president and the treasurer will be elected. On odd years, the other copresident and the secretary will be elected. 2010 will be a transition year, with one co-president
and the secretary elected to one year terms, and the other co-president and treasurer elected to
two year terms. Any officer may not serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.
Section B.
The Executive Council of the Organization shall be composed of the four officers and the
chairpersons of the standing committees.
Section C.
Officers shall be elected in April and take office at the first meeting in May. An ad hoc
nominating committee shall be appointed by the Executive Council. At the regular meeting at
which the nominating committee reports, additional nominations will be solicited from the floor.
Election of candidates will be by mail ballot before the first May meeting. The person receiving
the highest number of votes for each position will be elected to that position.
Section D.
The duties of the Executive Council shall be as follows.
1. Be responsible for the management of the Organization.
2. Arrange for and implement a communication network among committees and with the
3. Arrange for and implement formal relationships with other elements of the Western Illinois
University community; included shall be advising on all matters pertaining to women and
recommending women for all committees and positions.
4. Call all general membership meetings.
5. Be responsible for deciding upon all programs of the Organization.
6. Elect chairpersons to all new or temporary committees.
7. Fill vacancies of any office or committee chairpersonship with interim appointments.
8. Represent the Organization to the public.
9. Refer women at the University with grievances to the appropriate agency.
Section E.
The duties of the officers shall be as follows:
1. Shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive Council.
2. Shall prepare agendas for all general membership meetings of the Organization and meetings
of the Executive Council.
3. Shall coordinate the work of the Organization and of all committees.
4. Shall prepare and present an annual report to the Organization.
5. Shall fulfill all other duties usually accruing to the office of the President.
Vice President
1. Shall act as coordinator and advisor to the Program Committee in developing program topics
suggested by the Committees, the Executive Council or the membership.
2. Shall assist the President in the coordination of the work of the Organization & of all
3. In the absence of the President, shall preside at meetings of the Organization and of the
Executive Council.
4. In the absence of the President, shall prepare agendas for general membership meetings of
the Organization and of the Executive Council.
5. Shall fulfill all other duties usually accruing to the Office of the Vice President.
1. Shall be responsible for recording all proceedings of the Organization and shall maintain a
permanent file of such correspondence.
2. Shall handle correspondence to and from the Organization and shall maintain a permanent file
of such correspondence.
3. Shall furnish the Organization and the Executive Council members with notice of meetings.
4. Shall fulfill all other duties usually accruing to the Office of the Secretary.
1. Shall collect all money due to or donated to the Organization and keep accurate records of all
funds collected and disbursed.
2. Shall keep membership lists current and available to the other officers.
3. Shall prepare an annual financial statement
4. Shall fulfill all other duties usually accruing to the office of Treasurer.
Article V. Committees
Section A.
The standing committees represented by their chairpersons on the Executive Council shall include
the following: Liaison, Professional Advancement, Program, Social, and Past Presidents’ Advisory.
Section B.
Membership of each committee shall be composed of persons who volunteer to serve, with the
exception of the Past Presidents’ Advisory Committee, which shall be composed of all past
presidents of the Organization.
Section C.
Chairpersons of each committee shall be elected from and by the members of each committee.
Terms of office shall be for one year, and chairpersons may serve no more than two consecutive
terms. Each chairperson will be automatically a member of the Executive Council.
Section D.
Responsibilities and duties of the standing committees are:
1. Liaison – provide for communication and coordinated action between the Organization and
other groups (campus, community, state and national) interested in working for equality for
2. Professional Advancement – investigate and recommend appropriate action to ensure
equality for all women employees of the University with regard to salaries, fringe benefits,
promotion, and all other terms and conditions of employment: encourage women
employees of the University to take advantage of opportunities
3. Program – implement program topics for presentation at regular meetings and other
programs using suggestions made by the committees, the Executive Council or the
membership and securing appropriate speakers) for those programs which require one;
coordinate those efforts under the advisement of the Vice Pres.; and coordinate programs
with the Social Committee for meetings at which refreshments are served.
4. Social - make all necessary arrangements for provision of refreshments for any social
gatherings of the Organization, either by itself or with other organizations and for any
regular membership meetings and programs at which refreshments are served.
5. Past Presidents’ Advisory - make recommendations concerning the long range plans and
goals of the Organization; give advice to the Executive Council regarding the ongoing work
of the Organization; provide an historical perspective for the Organization’s plans and
Section E.
Other committees shall be established when necessary. Any member of the Organization may
recommend the establishment of such committees.
Article VI. Meetings
Section A.
The schedule shall include one general meeting per semester and monthly Executive Council
meetings from September through May. Additional meetings during this period or during the
summer months may be scheduled as necessary.
Section B.
A notice of each general meeting shall be distributed through campus mail, e-mail, or other
appropriate means so as to arrive at least two days prior to the date of the meeting. Executive
Council meetings shall be similarly announced.
Section C.
Additional general meetings shall be held at the request of any five members
Article VII. Organization Documents and Reports
Any position paper or report prepared by the members of the Organization must be circulated to
the full membership by mail for reaction before general release. If such a report is to be released
as an Organization position paper, it must be approved at a general meeting following its mail
distribution and notification of its inclusion upon the agenda. If such action is not possible, the
report may be issued as a committee or Executive Council report with the approval of a majority
of the Council.
Article VIII. Amendments
The by-laws of this Organization may be amended by a majority vote of the membership present
at the general meeting where the amendment is an item of the agenda. Amendments must be
submitted in writing at least one month prior to the meeting. All members must be notified of
the amendment prior to the meeting at which it is considered.
Article IX. Quorum
A quorum will be defined as those members in good standing present at a general meeting.
Article X. Parliamentary Procedure
Business of the Organization shall be conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules
of Order.