Board of Trustees
Mr. Robert R. Dyson
Chairman and CEO
The Dyson-Kissner-Moran Corporation
Vice Chair
Mrs. Ellen M. Hancock
Los Altos, California
Mr. Thomas J. Ward ’69
CEO and Vice Chair of Board of Directors
Maidenform, Inc.
Mr. Brendan T. Burke ’68
Director, Human Resources
ABC, Inc.
Mr. Richard J. Cole ’69
President and COO (Retired)
Meritus Consulting Services, LLC
Mrs. Kathleen K. Cullen
Mr. Gerard E. Dahowski ’65
Wells, Fargo Advisors, LLC
Mr. Mark V. Dennis
Certified Public Accountant
Mr. Ross M. Mauri ’80
General Manager pSeries
IBM Corporation
Mr. Michael C. Duffy
Assistant Secretary
Mr. Michael G. Gartland
Corbally, Gartland and Rappleyea, LLP
Immediate Past Chair
Dr. Stanley E. Harris ’68
Senior Medical Director
Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Wolf
Pleasant Valley, New York
Mr. James A. Cannavino
Direct Insite Corporation
Dr. Dennis J. Murray
Marist College
Mr. James M. Barnes ’68
Fitco Movers & Warehouse Company
Mr. James R. Barnes ’84
President & CEO
OAKLEAF Waste Management, LLC
Mr. Timothy G. Brier ’69
Mr. H. Todd Brinckerhoff
Brinckerhoff & Neuville, Inc.
Mr. Daniel G. Hickey ’66
Hickey-Finn & Company, Inc.
Mrs. Mary E. Joyce ’74
Advertising/Marketing Consultant
Bro. James P. Kearney, FMS ’53
Director of Professional Development
St. Agnes High School
Bro. John Klein, FMS ’70
Marist Brothers of the Schools
Mr. Patrick M. Lavelle ’73
President & CEO
Audiovox Corporation
Mr. Christopher G. McCann ’83
Mr. John P. O’Shea
Marshall & Sterling Inc.
Mrs. Patrice M. Connolly Pantello ’76
Connolly & Associates
Mr. Alexander S. Reese
Managing Director
Hudson Heritage, LLC
The Hon. Jay P. Rolison, Jr.
New York State Senator (Retired)
McCabe & Mack, LLP
Mr. Jonah Sherman
President (Retired)
Sherman Furniture Rentals, Inc.
Mr. Tim Tenney
Pepsi Cola of the Hudson Valley
Dr. John E. Tessieri
Vice President (Retired)
Texaco, Inc.
Life Trustees
Dr. Richard Foy ’50
President Emeritus
Marist College
Mr. Jack Newman
Founding Board Member
Riverside Bank
College Administration
Dennis J. Murray, Ph.D., President
Elisabeth Tavárez, B.A., Special Assistant to the President
Eileen Fischer Sico , B.A., Administrative Assistant to the President
Roy H. Merolli, Ph.D., Executive Vice President
Bruce Wagner, B.A., Assistant Vice President for Human Resources
Carol Coogan Wing, M.A., Director, Human Resources
Eva J. Jackson, B.S., Assistant Director, Human Resources
Patricia A. Oswald, B. S., Benefits Administrator
Victoria Mullen, M.B.A., Director of Institutional Research and Planning
Michael Douglas, M.B.A., Research Associate, Institutional Research and Planning
Justin J. Butwell, B.S., Director, Physical Plant
Thomas J. Burns, M.B.A., Assistant Director, Physical Plant
Constance McCaffrey, Supervisor, Housekeeping
Charles Lee, B.A., Supervisor, Housekeeping
Ralph Short, Grounds Supervisor
John T. Gildard, M.P.A., Director, Safety and Security
Alladin Abdelrahman, M.P.A., Assistant Director, Safety and Security
Artin H. Arslanian, Ph.D., Dean of Faculty/Academic Vice President
John T. Ritschdorff, Ph.D., Assistant Academic Vice President/Dean of Academic Programs/
Faculty Athletics Representative
Margaret Franklin, M.F.A., Executive Assistant to the Academic Vice President
John T. Ritschdorff, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Communication and the Arts
Subir Sengupta, Ph.D., Interim Assistant Dean
Mary S. Alexander, Ph.D., Director, MA in Communication
Radley Cramer, Director, Fashion Program
Arthur B. Himmelberger, M.Ed., Director, Music Program
Gerald T. McNulty, B.A., Director, Communication Internship Program
Roger L. Norton, Ph.D., Dean, School of Computer Science and Mathematics
Mary Ann Hoffman, M.S., M.A., Interim Assistant Dean
Onkar P. Sharma, Ph.D., Director, Computer Science/Software Development Graduate Programs
Artin H. Arslanian, Ph.D., Interim Dean, School of Graduate and Continuing Education
John S. DeJoy, Ph.D., C.P.A., Associate Dean, Outreach and Academic Oversight
Eileen N. Bull, M.A., Associate Dean, Operations, Budget and Enrollment
Bobbi Kyle, Ed.D., Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Academic Programs
Joseph D. Ross, Ph.D., Director, OLC Program
Lisa Gallina, M.S., Director, Goshen Extension Center
Anu R. Ailawadhi, M.Ed., M.A., Director, Graduate Admissions
Diane M. Landau-Flayter, M.P.S., Director, Fishkill Extension Center
Carol Hayter-Bomba, M.P.A., Poughkeepsie Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Nancy M. Scaffidi, M.A., Coordinator, Integrative Studies
Donna H. Tompkins, B.A., Coordinator, Paralegal Program
Toni F. Constantino, B.S., Program Coordinator, Goshen Extension
Christine Pepitone, B.S., Coordinator, Program Outreach
Jennifer Becker, B.S., Coordinator, OLC Student Services
Patricia Burns, M.A., Adult Academic Advisor
John T. Witter, B.A., Coordinator, SAP Programs
Thomas S. Wermuth, Ph.D., Dean, School of Liberal Arts
Kevin Gaugler, Ph.D., Interim Assistant Dean
Joseph Zeppetello, Ph.D., Director, Writing Program and Center
Scott F. Myers, J.D., Director, Paralegal Program
Andrés Fortino, Ph.D., Dean, School of Management
Katherine L. Jackson, Ph.D., Associate Dean and MBA Program Director
Jean A. Theobald, M.P.S., Assistant Dean, MBA/MPA Programs
TBA, Graduate Director, MPA Program
Michael G. Tannenbaum, Ph.D., Dean, School of Science
Sally A. Perkins, M.S., Director, Athletic Training Education Program
Margaret R. Calista, M.S.W., Dean, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Timothy R. Glander, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Teacher Education Program and Director,
Educational Psychology
Daria Hanssen, Ph.D., Director, Social Work Program
James F. Dodd, Sr., M.A., Coordinator, Elementary Education
Edward Sagarese, M.A., Coordinator, Secondary Education
William P. Robelee, Psy.D., Director, School Psychology
James R. Regan, Ph.D., Director, MA Psychology Programs
Sara Dwyer-McNulty, Ph.D., Director, Core/Liberal Studies Program
Rose De Angelis, Ph.D., Director, Honors Program
Duleep C. Deosthale, Ph.D., Assistant Dean, International Programs
Jerald Z. Thornton, B.A., Coordinator, International Programs
Carol Toufali, M.P.A., Coordinator, International Programs
Leah Romano, M.A., International Programs Recruiter
Christie J. Alfaro, B.A., Coordinator, International Programs
Barbara Carpenter, M.A., Assistant Dean, Student Academic Affairs and Director,
Academic Learning Center
Victoria Sarkisian, M.S., Linguistics Coordinator, Academic Support Services
Jane Fiore, M.S., Coordinator, Mathematics and Tutoring
Karen Tompkins-Tinch, M.A., Coordinator, Learning Skills and International Student Programs
Judith Ivankovic, M.P.A., Registrar
Susan B. Hamburger, B.S., Associate Registrar
Cheryl J. DuBois, M.P.A., Assistant Registrar
Julie M. Kelly, M.A., Assistant Registrar
Linda Pisacano, B.S., Assistant Registrar
Nancy Witthans, A.A.S., Assistant Registrar
Verne W. Newton, B.A., Director, Library
Cathy L. Carl, M.L.S., M.P.A., Assistant Director
John F. Ansley, M.A., M.L.S., Archives Librarian
Ruth E. Boetcker, M.A., M.Ph., Head of Instructional Services
Kevin M. Coffey, M.L.S., Public Services Librarian
Judy M. Diffenderfer, M.L.S., Head of Acquisitions and Collection Development
Elena Filchagina, M.L.S., Public Services Coordinator
Richard B. Phillips, M.L.S., Ph.D., Public Services Librarian
Charyl C. Pollard, M.A., M.L.S., Head of Reference Services
Marta Cwik, B.A., Head of Cataloging
Kathryn Silberger, M.L.S., Head of Automation Resources
Donna S. Berger, Ph.D., Coordinator, Academic Grants
Kristine J. Cullen, M.A., Director, Center for Advising and Academic Services
Nancy Aronzon, B.A., Assistant Director
Deidre A. Sepp, M.Ed., C.A.S., Director, Center for Career Services
Desmond Murray, B.A., Assistant Director, Field Experience
Patricia Taylor, M.Phil., M.I.A., Graduate School and Fellowship Advisor
Iris Ruiz-Grech, M.A., Director, HEOP
Nadine Lewis, M.A., Assistant Director
Angel A. Arriaga, B.A., Counselor/Tutor Coordinator
Sherry L. Kocher, M.A., Counselor
Joey Petrella Wall, M.S., Director, Media and Instructional Technology
James E. Duryea, B.A., AV/TV Operations Manager
Lee J. Walis, A.A.S., Technical Supervisor
George S. Salak, Production Technician
Richard C. Nedin, AV Production Specialist
Sean P. Kaylor, B.S., Vice President, Enrollment Management
Brian Apfel, B.S., Assistant Director, Admissions
Joseph Giacalone, B.A., Assistant Director, Admissions
Kelly Harris, B.S., Admissions Representative
Lisa Magnarella, B.A., Director of Operations, Admissions
Luis Santiago, B.S., Director, On-Campus Visits and Events, Admissions
Corinne M. Schell, B.A., Director, External Recruitment and Outreach, Admissions
Victor Van Carpels, B.A., Executive Director, Enrollment Marketing & Communications
Joseph R. Weglarz, B.S., Executive Director, Student Financial Services
Lisa Boyes, B.S., Director of Student Employment
Ann Cassalina, Director for Systems and Data Management
DJ Giordano, B.A., Senior Assistant Director/Coordinator of Graduate and Continuing Education
Mary Lou Kutchma, Director for Financial Services
Kim Sprossel, B.S., Director for Financial Management
Vacant, Vice President/CIO, Information Technology
Wendy A. Duncan, B.S., M.P.A., Director Enterprise Solutions Group
A. Harry Williams, M.B.A., M.S., B.A., Director, Technology and Systems
Christine Mulvey, M.S., Director, Special Projects, Telecommunications and Networking
Josh Baron, B.S., M.A., Director of Academic Technology & E-Learning
JoAnn DePue, B.S., IT Project Manager
John A. Digilio, B.S., M.S., Manager of Research Computing
Martha M. McConaghy, B.S., Technical Planning Project Manager
Raymond Lane, Manager, Postal Services
Peggy Kuck, B.S., Manager, Administrative Computing
Melissa Egan, B.S., Manager, Web Development and Services
William Norton, A.A.S., Manager, Technical Support
Alexander Podmaniczky, B.S., Manager, Print and Duplication Services
James K. Curran, Manager, Network
Jeanne C. DeLongis, B.S., Manager, PC Technologies
Kathleen L. LaBarbera, Manager, Operations and Resnet
Milton Liley, B.A., Telecommunications Coordinator/Card Office Manager
John Vanderlyn, A.A.S., Telecommunications Analyst
Edward Gardner, B.A., Database Administrator
Earle Nietzel, B.S., Programmer/System Administrator
Mieke Prajugo, B.S., M.S., Systems Support Analyst
Richard F. Sickler, A.A.S., Systems Programmer
Lee Sakkas, A.S., Programmer Analyst
Lori Szilaski, B.S., Project Leader, Administrative Computing
Jennifer L. Harmer, B.A., Operations Analyst
Justin Bassignani, B.S., Network Security Analyst
David Blahut, M.B.A., Network Analyst
Edward W. Gebhart, B.A., Programmer/Analyst
Terri A. Goodwin, A.A.S., Applications Programmer
Aladdin Metwally, B.A., Programmer/Analyst
Flora Cuchelo, B.S., Programmer/Analyst
Jeanne A. Mills, Card Office Coordinator
Francine M. Barrett, B.S., Lotus Notes Database/Design Developer
Ian Becker, B.S., M.S., Desktop Administrator – Continuing Education
Paul Klump, B.S. M.A., Server Administrator
Gregory Zaubi, A.A.S., Knowledge Center Systems Programmer
David Brangaitis, B.S., Desktop Administrator
Paul Laibach, B.S., Desktop Administrator
David P. Lanthier, B.S., Applications Programmer
Edward Molinaro, A.A.S., Operations Analyst
David Hughes, B.A., ResNet Support Analyst
Cody F. Rotwein, B.S., Web Developer
Michael Kaegler, B.S., Network Analyst
Mary Heller, B.S., Report Specialist
Christine Bartucciotto, Applications Support Specialist
Elena Collins, B.A., M.A., Assistant Director of Academic Technology
Anthony Santucci, Manager, Client Services
Ben Stoutenburgh, B.S., Server Administrator
Michael Grodesky, B.S., Senior Systems Programmer
Virginia Jaworski, B.S., Senior Systems Programmer
David Mamorella, B.A., M.A., Instructional Designer
Joanna Fivelsdal, B.S., Academic Technology Support Specialist
Paul D. Mutone, B.A., C.F.O./Vice President, Business Affairs
Nancy J. Cervone, M.P.A., Controller
Lola Saya, B.S., C.F.P., Assistant Controller
Ginene Zeyher, B.S., Senior Accountant
Linda Di Giovanni, B.S., Accountant
Janine M. Staudinger, B.S., Accountant
Lora Gannon, B.S., Post Award Project Administrator
Stephen J. Kochis, B.S., Director, Purchasing
Bruce E. Golden, J.D., Buyer, Purchasing
Kim Dillinger Sprossel, M.B.A., Bursar, Director of Student Accounts
Robert L. West, M.B.A., Vice President for College Advancement
Marta A. Decker, M.A., Assistant Vice President/Director of Development
Shaileen Kopec, M.A., Senior Development Officer for Planned Giving & Endowment Support
Timmian C. Massie, B.A., Chief Public Affairs Officer
Marilyn F. Brandl, B.S., Director, Advancement Services & Coordinator of eCommunication
Amy K. Coppola, B.A., Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Jeanine M. Thompson, B.A., Director of Annual Giving
Lisa M. Ciesluk, B.A., Assistant Director of Annual Giving
William C. Gallaher, B.A., Director, Development Research/Writer
Valerie P. Hall, B.A., Director of Special Events
Leslie Bates, M.A., Editor for College Advancement
Lee M. Miringoff, Ph.D., Director, Marist Institute for Public Opinion
Barbara L. Carvalho, Ph.D., Director, Marist Poll
Kathleen Tobin Flusser, B.A., Assistant Director, Marist Institute for Public Opinion & Senior
Research Associate
Meghan M. Crawford, B.S., Project Coordinator
Deborah A. DiCaprio, M.A., Vice President/Dean for Student Affairs
Steve Sansola, M.P.S., Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Patricia E. Cordner, M.A., Assistant Dean, Student Life/Development
Robin D. Torres, M.A., Director, First Year Programs & Leadership Development
Kristin Bretz, M.S., Mentor
Colin T. McCann, M.A., Mentor
Bro. Michael Williams, FMS, B.A., Freshman Mentor
Jane M. O’Brien, M.P.A., R.N.C., Director, Health Services
Diane M. Assefi, B.S., Nurse
Patricia A. Damore, B.S., Nurse
Lillian Saccoman, B.S.N., Nurse
Linda Schaffer, M.S., Nurse
Thomas J. McCarron, M.Ed., Learning Disability Specialist
John R. Pinna, M.S., Learning Disability Specialist
Deborah M. Reeves-Duncan, M.A., Counselor
Kathleen B. Sortino, M.S., Learning Disability Specialist
Brother John Nash, F.M.S., Ph.D., Counselor
Yvonne Poley, M.A., Counselor
Andrea Raphael-Paskey, M.S.W., Counselor
Silvia McGlinchey, M.S., Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor, Upward Bound
Joseph Parker, M.S., Director, Upward Bound
Gladys Negron-Collier, B.S., Assistant Director, Upward Bound
K. Renee Springate, B.A., Program Coordinator, Upward Bound
Susan M. Repko, M.A., Director, Liberty Partnerships
Denise B. Kenney, B.S., School Site Coordinator, Liberty Partnerships
Jeffrey R. Gold, M.S., Counselor/Coordinator, Liberty Partnerships
Brother Robert S. Clark, F.M.S., D.Min, Campus Minister
Brother Francis E. Kelly, F.M.S., M.P.S., M.T.S., Director, Campus Ministry
Rev. Richard A. LaMorte, M.Ed., Campus Minister (Liturgical Coordinator)
Jamie A. Williams, M.A., Campus Minister
Robert Lynch, B.A., Director, Student Activities
Sarah Colwill, M.S., Assistant Director, Student Activities
Michele Fischetti, M.S., Assistant Director, Student Activities
Likkia T. Moody, M.A., Judicial Affairs Associate
Christine Nadeau-Pupek, M.A., Director, Judicial Affairs
Sarah H. English, M.A., Director, Housing and Residential Life
Patricia L. Houmiel-Petacchi, M.Ed., Assistant Director, Housing and Residential Life
Patrick M. Killilee, M.S., Assistant Director, Housing and Residential Life
Dabby S. Berberena, B.A., Resident Director
Meagan R. Elsberry, B.S., Resident Director
Mark M. Gamarra, M.B.A., Resident Director
Travis L. Mason, B.A., Resident Director
Brad J. Whitmore, B.A., Resident Director
Melany Beaulieu, B.A., Resident Director
Cletra Peters, B.B.A., Resident Director
Christopher Stoppenbach, B.S., Resident Director
Lora Warner, M.S., Resident Director
Brad J. Whitmore, M.P.A., Resident Director
Timothy S. Murray, M.S., Athletic Director
Jason A. Corriher, B.A., Sports Information Director
Timothy J. Heneghan, M.S., Coordinator of Event and Facility Operations
Glenn Marinelli, M.Ed., Sports Medicine Coordinator
Trisha T. Donnelly, B.S., Assistant Athletic Trainer
Brian P. Giorgis, M.S., Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Megan A. Gebbia, B.A., Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball
Matthew Brady, M.B.A., Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Robert O’Driscoll, Jr., M.B.A., Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball
James Parady, B.S., Head Football Coach
Scott Rumsey, B.A., Assistant Coach, Football
Noelle R. Cebron, B.S., Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach
Thomas S. Sanford, J.D., Head Rowing Coach
Larry Van Wagner, M.P.E., Aquatic Director
Colin A. Sullivan, M.B.A., Senior Associate Athletic Director
Elizabeth Donohue, B.A., Assistant Athletic Director/Senior Women's Administrator
Alyssa Gates, M.Ed., Director of Academic Advisement for Student Athletes
Tom Hanna, M.Ed., Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Dennis Healy, M.A., Head Baseball Coach
Tom Pardalis, M.S., Assistant Coach, Women’s Softball
Jada Pierce, M.S., Assistant Coach, Women’s Basketball
Orlando Ranson, B.S., Assistant Coach, Men’s Basketball
Elizabeth Roper, M.Ed., Head Women’s Soccer Coach
James Simpson, B.A., Director of Club and Recreational Sports/Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach
Craig White, B.A., Strength & Conditioning Coach/Fitness Center Coordinato