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Name _______________________________ Date ___________ Hour ________
Biology Notes with Visual Concepts
1.1 Themes of Biology
Biology is the study of ____________________ ______________________.
Branches of Biology include:
Botany – the study of _________________
Zoology – the study of _________________
Ecology – the study of ______________________________________________
All living things:
1. Are composed of _________________ .
This is the basic unit of _______________ and ______________ in all living organisms.
2. Must maintain a stable ________________ _________________ or homeostasis.
3. Reproduce new organisms like ______________ and pass on _______________ to
their offspring.
4. Change over generations in populations or _____________________.
5. Interact with other organisms within an ecosystem and are
6. Need a constant supply of ______________________.
All living things inherit ____________________________ from their parents.
Natural Selection
Natural Selection is the process by which organisms with _____________________
reproduce at __________________than those without such variations. It is one of the
major influencing factors in the process of _________________.
Explain how the size of ground finch beaks on the Galapagos Islands
change over time.
In times of drought ___________________________________
In wet seasons ______________________________________