Biology Syllabus

Biology: The Dynamics of Life
Instructor: Mr. Holmes
Highlands School
Course description:
This Biology course encourages students to continue their investigations and understandings of
the biological sciences begun in grades K-8. We will conduct in depth studies of the following concepts:
the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, the interdependence of organisms, matter,
the adaptive responses of organisms, as well as the energy and organization in living systems. Students
will be prepared during this full year course to take and pass the state mandated E.O.C. test required to
receive credit for this course. The following list is a brief description of the educational goals for this
Goal 1 – Develop abilities necessary to perform and understand scientific inquiry
Goal 2 – Develop an understanding of physical, chemical, and cellular basis of life
Goal 3 – Develop an understanding of the change of organisms and life over time
Goal 4 – Develop an understanding of unity and diversity of life
Goal 5 – Develop an understanding of the ecological relationships among organisms
Classroom Rules:
Arrive to class on time and prepared with paper, a pencil, and a positive attitude.
Show respect towards your instructor, the curriculum, and your classmates.
No cell phones or other electronic devices in class.
Do your best and have fun!
Grading System:
Class work & Homework………….40%
E.O.C Test Score…………..….…...25%
Materials Needed:
1. One small three ring binder
2. One small spiral notebook
3. Plenty of paper and pencils
4. One dry erase marker
5. A box of tissue is not required but is very
Late Work Policy:
Late work will be accepted before the end of the chapter or unit we are working on, but only for a
maximum credit of 70% of the original points. It is in your best interest to get your work done on time!
Welcome to Biology!
I look forward to a fun and exciting semester with you here at Highlands School!