Test Study Guide/ Concept Checklist for Test 1: Introduction to...

Mrs. Kanaszka
Enriched Biology
Test Study Guide/ Concept Checklist for Test 1: Introduction to Biology
Test is scheduled for _________________
Write answers on a separate sheet of paper and hand in on the day of the test for extra credit.
This will not be used during the test. Answers can be found in your notes and in Chapter 1 of
1. List the steps of the scientific method.
2. State the proper format for a hypothesis (if _______ then ______ )
3. Explain how quantitative and qualitative data differ from another and give examples of
4. State the differences between the following terms: independent and dependent variable,
experimental group, control group, controlled experiment, scientific theory.
5. Explain the difference between formulating a model.
6. What is the difference between an observation and inference? Be able to give an
7. We talked about life and how do scientists categorize living things. List and explain the 8
characteristics of life.
8. Define and explain the following terms and how they relate to Biology: organism,
Biology, unicellular and multicellular organisms (give examples), homeostasis, DNA,
sexual and asexual reproductions, metabolism, evolution (to evolve), interdependence,
diversity and classification of organisms.