Below are 10 First Amendment situations that you will consider.

Assignment: 1st Amendment
Below are 10 First Amendment situations that you will consider.
For each situation below you will describe what element is covered under the First Amendment.
For each situation describe why you think it IS or IS NOT protected.
Someone gives a speech
before a large gathering of
people and expresses opinions
about the president's abilities.
Some of the statements are
very negative.
Which part of the 1st Amend.?
Why or Why not protected?
Someone writes a letter to the
White House threatening to
harm the president.
Someone yells “fire” in a
movie theater when there is no
Someone makes up a story
about a teacher that causes
him or her to be reprimanded
or even fired.
Someone spontaneously
organizes a street
demonstration that causes
traffic problems.
Employees are required to
attend religious services.
1. Go online and find one example of people exercising their First Amendment rights. You
might find an article or video about people demonstrating or writing protests, or any 1st
amendment right.
 Post the URL link to your selection
 Write a brief description of how this exercises First Amendment rights
2. Describe why the First Amendment is important to you in your everyday life.