Greff Class Summary - Sorted By Name

Greff Class Summary - Sorted By Name
Greff Class Summary - Sorted By Composite Score
Using mCLASS Reading 3D
Data to Inform
Classroom Instruction
Presented by Manda Stegall and Pam Long
Cool Spring Elementary
Iredell-Statesville Schools
mCLASS® Reading 3D™
• mCLASS® Reading 3D™ is a measurement tool
designed to provide data that documents the
growth of students as they acquire literacy skills.
– Reliable: over 30 years of research
– Repeatable: rules and materials are established and are
consistent throughout the measures. Then the assessment
can be given with the same accuracy anywhere, anytime.
– Easy: this assessment is broken down into short, 1 minute
probes with each directions and minimal materials needed.
– Sensitive to Growth and Change: teachers and
administrators have the ability to look at data collected over
the entire year, notice student needs, plan for instruction to
meet the student needs, and assess students frequently to
determine the most effective strategies.
How does mCLASS® Reading
3D™ Impact me?
• mCLASS® Reading 3D™ is the new
required K-3 State Assessment for ELA
beginning with the 2013-2014 school year
• mCLASS® Reading 3D™ provides rich
data, which can immediately be used to
direct classroom instruction and planning.
Why does data matter?
The right kind and quality of instruction delivered with
the right level of intensity and duration to
the right children at the right time.
» Joseph K Torgensen
Catch Them Before They Fail (1988)
and view what
Formative Assessment
means in ISS.
and view what Learning
Centered means in ISS.
mCLASS® Reading 3D™ & the I-SS Model
• It is important for teachers to see the
connections between assessment, and our
Iredell-Statesville School Model.
• The data we collect completing the
assessment helps us answer these
questions in our model:
3. How will we know they’ve learned it?
4. What will we do if they don’t learn it?
5. What will we do if they already know it?
Our Process
• We first begin completing the Benchmark
Assessment using mCLASS® Reading
– Benchmark is the assessment given 3 times
during the year at BOY, MOY, and EOY.
• Following completion of the assessment,
teachers use the mCLASS® Reading
3D™ Small Group Advisor tool to
determine next steps instructionally for
Data in mCLASS® Reading 3D™
• Teachers have access to data
immediately, and can see student
growth and progress.
• Let’s see a sample report and take a
few minutes analyzing this data.
(Please find your Greff Class Summary Handout
you collected when you entered.)
Using Multiple Points of Data
• mCLASS® Reading 3D™ has developed a tool to assist
teachers when looking at multiple points of data in the
• The Small Group Advisor (under the “Now What” tools)
assist teachers in teaching in small focused groups.
– It suggests groups of students based on their data.
– Allows the teacher to move students into different groups if
needed (Teacher judgement)
– Once groups are set, it provides a list of activities that are
targeted to close the instructional gaps.
– Teachers can print out the Small Group Advisor Plan, which
includes the groups (along with student names and recent
data), activities suggested for each group, and the key skill
the activities will address.
Small Group Advisor
Small Group Advisor
Small Group Advisor
Small Group Interventions
Interventions provided are
Based on student data
•Direct instruction for teachers or
other support staff
•All materials are provided
After Interventions
After Interventions
Progress Monitoring
Progress Monitoring History
Any questions, follow up or clarification
Be sure to visit
Manda Stegall [email protected]
Pam Long [email protected]