AS5 Assignment: Latin Geo


AS5 Assignment: Latin Geo

In this assignment you will create a visual tour of Central and South America.

Do some research and select 2 locations in Central America and 3 places in South America that you would like to visit. This might be a city, famous site or event. Make certain it is something of interest to you.

Create at least 2 slides about each location. Be sure to include the following information:

The country each place is located (if it’s multiple countries like the Amazon River, list all the countries, but focus on the country you most want to see the Amazon River in.)

At least 1 picture of each location

At least 1 picture that shows what you might wear when visiting this place

At least 1 picture of the location transportation options

At least 1 picture that shows what local foods you might eat

At least 2 pictures of some unique elements of their culture (cloths or instruments or art or architecture or …)

Show what money you would use and what the current conversion rate is against the US Dollar

(Hint type in Currency Converter in Google and it will give you a great app for that.)

Anything else ‘cool’ that you’d like your viewer to know or see about this place you’d like to go

Finally, you will write 3-4 sentences describing why you particularly want to visit each location