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Amazon Con

We tried to focus on
Strategic human resources management
Recruitment and selection
Reward management
With an Intensive Focusing we can see:
Strength points
1. Enterprise is very concerned
2. Owe a great strategic plan
3. has a very effective human resource management plan for employees
Weakness Points
This problem is mainly exposed to whether the management of employees
should be humanized.
High work pressures
Extended working hours
Strategies to improve the overall Performance
The first strategy is to use other technologies to improve work efficiency.
As a technology company, Amazon should invest more in the technology
of artificial intelligence, so that the work of some machines can be shared
by the machine, instead of all the work burden for the employees.
The second strategy is to adjust the company culture. The company’s
current criticism is that the work pressure is too great and the employees
are not cared for. Amazon’s culture is more about paying attention to
customers and neglecting employees, so if Amazon can work hard on
employee care, it will help Amazon retain its employees.