IT Major Projects List as of August 2007

IT Major Projects List as of August 2007
IT Support for Research/Cyberinfrastructure
Formation of the IT Research Advisory Committee
Clusters (A clusters expert is on staff in NSS.)
Grid computing
RDMS investigating SURAgrid as a potential solution for Brian Hansen,
who would start working with us on a climate modeling project in
the summer
Data storage and retrieval
Collaboration tools – See topic below
Personal video conferencing
Solution specified:
For Point-to-point videoconferencing: Polycom's PVX 8.0 software for Windows
and XMeeting for Macs.
For Multisite videoconferencing: UMS bridge to Polycom PVX, XMeeting and SIP
Solution demonstrated to Research Advisory Committee
US/UMS provide user support
Web site
Wiki-based NSS website under development
RDMS web site: first level pages complete; second level pages being re-worked.
Programming support
Produce Video Spots for UD Public Relations and
Network Access Control
On hold pending product improvements.
Emergency and Broadcast Notification – All Media
911 in centrally scheduled classrooms – complete
911 in all other classrooms and lab spaces under review
Cell emergency notification system acquisition – complete
Broadcast through carillons – expected completion 9/07
Controlled TV notification in centrally scheduled classrooms 100
classrooms completed as of 8/9/07– expected full completion 9/07
Controlled TV notification in classrooms not on the central schedule –
under review
TV notification in residence halls, offices and common spaces - Equipment
received and design complete. NSS and UMS working together to
complete this system by start of class.
Fire alarm enunciator capability – referred to Facilities
Collaboration Tools
Sakai - Under review
Strategic Planning Committee site using MS Sharepoint
Support of Hi-Def TV
Experimental FIOS in Computer Center – in progress
Video production in Hi-Def:
First major project in production: a recruiting video for Marine and
Earth Studies and update of the Delaworld Video for Summer 2008
E-Portfolios - Sakai
Two pilots with faculty underway. Students and mentors in the portfolio by
Aug. 15.
SAKAI- Open Source Learning Management System
LMS Advisory Committee formed; orientation meetings held
Implementation of “production” Sakai environment – In progress
Integration with UDSIS – under investigation
LDAP integration works
UDelNet name changes propagate to Sakai in real time
"Getting Started" document in final editing
May need to consider releasing practice courses and pilot courses later
in the fall.
Extension of Classroom E-management to College/Department classrooms
UMS pursuing
Recommending to all colleges/departments as part of any renovation or
technology upgrade to classrooms
Response thus far is minimal
Extension of Wireless in the Classrooms
Gather demographics
Faculty surveyed
Selection of locations pending
Gore Hall likely to be first
Work to begin by Winter break
Wireless in Dorms and Other Student Locations not yet covered
Review pending
Mechanical Hall under way
Upgrade Dorm Networking Equipment
In progress will be complete by end of August 2007
Cable TV Upgrade to Digital
Experimental FIOS to be installed in Computer Center
No progress on Comcast negotiations
Data Center environment management
Awaiting assignment of a project manager and selection of Engineering firm
to conduct study.
Develop and Implement Disaster Recovery procedures for “new” Applications
Under review
Share new DTI facility for hot site pending
Administrative Data Reporting
In partnership with Institutional Research & Planning
Student, Financials and HR Data Warehouse
COGNOS Reporting Engine
UDSIS Enhancements
Under review
HR System Enhancements
Under review
Financial System Enhancements
Awaiting requests
Salary and non-salary obligations under review
Content Management
Core working group established
User Services lead
Support of International Programs
Working group established; User Services lead
Inventory current services
Survey departments for specifics re their programs
Study Abroad
Services for faculty & students overseas
Identify and support international cell phones and PDAs
International "Travelers" Help Desk
Review operational schedules in light of international users
Lerner College Trading Lab
On schedule for end of 2008 completion
Beta testing spring 08
Email Futures
Mirapoint – two to three more years
Support for text messaging
Support for IM
Text messaging and IM is already happening with no real problems or
adverse impact on our environment.
Acquire and install new satellite uplink capability
Design and purchase of system complete
Installation scheduled for completion Sept. 1, 2007
Supports Hi-Def
Video documentation of construction of new uplink will be
Available at the UD podcast site
New Technology in Large Classrooms
UMS lead
—Design Complete
Installation scheduled for completion Aug 24, 2007
Internet 2 Sponsored Program with State of Delaware
User Services lead
Periodic discussions held with ad-hoc committee (Dan Farley/DTI,
Wendy Modzewleski/DCET, Pat Sine). Internal listserv used for our
own communication about potential contacts – schools, museums,
other colleges. DTIC conference 4/18-19 has several I2 talks.
Philadelphia Orchestra virtual performance: : Pilot project performance on
4/29/07. Conversations ongoing with their marketing and IT staff and with I2 (Ann
Doyle) to help shape their business plan that will probably offer 3-6
OSTN licensing agreements negotiated and signed. UD web site created
[] with streaming video,
troubleshooting tips and instructions for student video creators.
UD technical and administrative lead: Dick Sacher
Primary departmental collaborator is Carlos Hervas <> from Dept. of
Student Multimedia Design Center
In collaboration with Morris Library
Completed February 2007
Equipment upgrades will be on-going
University Image Databases
User Services lead( RDMS: Sacher, Stevens, Nairn)
VisualCat image database service.
Fall semester roll-out of University Museums collections, Paul R. Jones Collection, and
Art History VRC collections.
Casual users will use web-based access via
Documentation in progress
IP-based controls coupled with collection-specific access rules for sets of user groups
Museums and ARTH staff working on adding images and improving catalog
consistency (terminology, conventions). Archives collections to follow.
Digitization services (UMS lead)
Virtual Environments
Second Life “Sandbox” – Blog @
Investigation, pilot development and recommendations for uses of virtual
Engaging faculty early adopters
Nine member working group formed
Review of existing sites (including other University sites) is in progress.
New Video Server (NSS/UMS)
Sun Server, x4500 SunFire "Thumper"
48 x 500GB (Net 12 TB when mirrored) internal drives for storage
Will serve:
RealServer (RealVideo, RealAudio)
Flash Media Server
Quicktime Streaming Server
Support for Facilities (MAXIMO)
Search for new time and attendance software
MAXIMO integration
New self-service online survey system (Qualtrics System):
Serves research, administrative and instructional mission.
Training/discussion for B&E and Psych faculty (completed)
Campus training being developed
Probable use for Psychology Subject Pool members.
Setting policies, training, promotion, safeguards against abuse (in progress)
GIS Infrastructure:
Training on use of Google Maps APIs. (completed)
Crime Mapping project. (completed)
Interactive mapping service templates for for class and research (in progress)
Redesign Delaware Clearinghouse (metadata) using Google technologies (in progress)
Software licensing negotiations (in progress)