Artifact Reflection Form Items Included

Artifact Reflection Form
Items Included:
Mathematical Vocabulary Worksheet
“Reading to Remember: Using Thinking Strategies to Access Difficult Text”
Date Created/Obtained:
Fall 2009
Standard/Performance Indicator Addressed:
Standard I: Knowledge of Literacy
Context in which this evidence was created/obtained:
The mathematical vocabulary sheet was given out at an America’s Choice
“Navigator” curriculum training that was hosted by PSD. I attended this workshop in
the fall of 2009 with the intent that I and another teacher from Fossil would be
implementing the “Navigator” or “Ramp-Up to Algebra” curriculum in our school the
following semester. I have used this worksheet in my Geometry classes and it has
been a great way for the students to organize the many vocabulary words they need
to know in that course. It has helped me tie literacy into a subject where it is
commonly misconceived that vocab and reading is not as important.
The “Reading to Remember” handout was obtained at a district training, Reading
and Writing Across the Curriculum, that all new teachers where required to attend
in the Fall 2009. The theme around the workshop was getting students to think
critically while they are reading. Many students just read words without actually
processing what is actually happening in a story or a text. Since attending this
workshop I haven’t been able to apply these strategies in my classroom, but now
that I have had some time to familiarize myself with the curriculum and courses I
teach I would really like to take some time to teach my students how to read a math
textbook using the strategies presented in this handout. Learning to read a math
text will help the students gain some independence in their math education as well
as give them extra resources for studying outside of classroom.