Gifted and Talented Site Coordinator Job Description

Gifted and Talented Site Coordinator
Job Description
Skills Needed: Ability to plan lessons, collaborate with teachers, provide instruction to
students, and manage testing and student databases. Site Coordinators should also be
able to communicate with parents and educators about gifted education
GT Site Coordinator Responsibilities:
 Review student assessment data and use the district identification requirements
to determine gifted status for individual students.
 Support school staff regarding identification. This can include representation in
PLC’s, presentations to staff, and emails communicating GT updates. In
questions of identification, the GT Site Coordinator will initiate a team to make
 Coordinate testing and provide interpretation of scores for the CogAT test.
 Provide coaching and guidance for GT students which should include addressing
the affective needs of GT students.
 Consult/Coach teachers regarding differentiation for gifted learners (pace, higher
level thinking, enrichment, acceleration, tiered assignments, etc.).
 Advocate for GT students on site committees such as school improvement teams
an student-teacher assistance teams.
 Attend quarterly district GT meetings.
 Participate in professional development to increase knowledge and understanding
of gifted learners.
 Coordinate and/or write/update Advanced learning Plans for all identified GT
 Communicate/conference with parents about GT, as necessary.
 Maintain the GT information for school web site.
 Assess new students for gifted.
 Coordinate completion of behavior rating scales for necessary students.
 Be knowledgeable about enrichment opportunities available at school site (Lego
robotics, odyssey of the mind, spelling bee, etc.).
 Budget GT funds for GT materials and/or professional development.
 In conjunction with other school staff, plan curriculum, format, structure, and
schedule for GT students.
 Develop and maintain gifted education records.
 Facilitate professional development around GT issues.
 Be conversant in the analysis of CSAP, MAP, and CogAT data.
 Keep school community informed of district/state GT guidelines and mandates.
 Each school site offers different programming structures. What are the additional
responsibilities of the GT Site Coordinator at your site?