Graphing Notes Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Graphing Notes
Independent Variable- A variable whose value determines the value of other variables.
Place on the X-axis.
Dependent Variable- A mathematical variable whose value is determined by the
independent variable. Place on the Y-axis
Tables should always be drawn with the x-axis on the left side of the table
Age vs. Height
The older you get the taller you grow.
Age is the independent variable (X) and Height is the dependent variable (Y)
Age (yrs.)
Height (in.)
Components of a good graph- all graphs drawn in Biology are worth 6 pts.
1. Title of the graph – 1 pt.
2. X-axis, drawn using a straight edge.
1 pt.
3. Y-axis, drawn using a straight edge.
4. Label on each axis with the units – 2 pts.
5. Values on the X-axis and Y-axis in even increments (evenly spaced). - 1 pt.
6. Independent Variable goes on the X-axis.
1 pt.
7. Dependent Variable goes on the Y-axis.
Line of Best Fit- A line through data points that DOES NOT have to connect each point.
The line shows the trend of the data as the Independent variable (X axis) increases
Example of a line of best fit: