STAT 401B Data Sheet


STAT 401B Data Sheet

• Name: • Year in school: • Major: • List the Statistics courses you have taken.

Course Number When Taken?

Where Taken?

• Below are topics or terms that you may have seen in your previous Statistics courses. Circle all items that you are familiar with, actually i.e.

you have not only seen and heard the term but have experience working with the concept or technique .

sample mean sample variance multiple regression sample median sample range quartile interquartile range box plot histogram designed experiment influence backward elimination t-distribution confidence interval test of hypotheses scatter plot simple linear regression correlation coefficient contingency table χ 2 statistic analysis of variance residual plot leverage stepwise selection random sampling normal distribution paired data analysis F-distributions observational studies multiple comparisons sample standard deviation two independent samples analysis stem (and leaf) plot outliers forward selection R 2 • What computing hardware do you use/have you used?

CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY ISU Project Vincent Workstation PC Mac Other (Specify) • What data analysis computing software do you use/have you used?

APPLY CIRCLE ALL THAT Excel Minitab SPSS JMP SAS Other (Specify)