Application to Propose an NTLC Sharing Community

Application to Propose an NTLC Sharing Community
[Insert Sharing Community Topic Here]
Telephone Number:
Complete if you are applying to propose and/or facilitate a NTLC Sharing Community:
Answer the following questions with one to two paragraphs; please limit your answers to
two pages.
1. What topic do you propose that instructors study via a Sharing Community? Will it be a
book-reading group, activity and discussion based experience, or something else?
2. Since participants are expected to meet at least once a month as a group during the fall
semester and possibly longer depending upon the group’s preference, are you willing to
commit to being actively involved in this Sharing Community?
3. Explain why you want to lead this group and your previous experience in directing other
4. In what ways do you think that this experience will benefit you as a teacher and your
students as learners? How will it support your faculty development?
5. Describe your comfort, enthusiasm and plans regarding encouraging other colleagues to
engage in this Sharing Community.
Once this application is completed, please send it in an electronic format to Renee
Howarton. Thank you for completing this form.
Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center  UW-Stout  301 Millennium Hall  715-232-5196