Psych 401 Spring 2004: Exam 4 Study Guide

Psych 401 Spring 2004: Exam 4 Study Guide
Chapter 13 Psychoanalysis: Beginnings
 Know what Freud gained from his experiences with Charcot and Breuer.
 Anna O. who was she ? and why is her case important?
 Be able to know what Freud’s positions were on the role of sex in mental illness & dream
 Be knowledgeable on Psychoanalysis as a therapy
 Be familiar with the basic concepts of Psychoanalysis as a theory of personality
 Know why Freud is criticized for the evidence he used to form his theory
 Be able to list a few of Freud’s ideas that have been shown to be useful/supportable
Chapter 14
Psychoanalysis: Dissenters and Descendents
 Know of Anna Freud and her work with children
 Be familiar with Carl Jung in terms the disagreement he had with Freud and Jung’s concepts of
the collective unconscious, archetypes, and psychological types.
 Be able to share Adler’s and Horney’s ideas that established them as separate from Freud
 Know about the major works of Maslow and Rogers
Chapter 15: Cognitive Psychology and Psychology in the 21 century
 Be familiar with the work and efforts of the two majors figures in Cognitive Psych (Miller,
 Be familiar with psychology in the 21 century