Language Arts Criteria for Poetry

Language Arts
Criteria for Poetry
1. We have studied 17 types of poetry in class. Choose 10 of your
favorites to type and put into a personal poetry booklet. You will
share at least 3 of these poems with your classmates.
2. To type your poetry, use the following guidelines:
 Open power point and choose a blank, comparison, or twocontent template. Our goal is to type 2 poems per page, one
on each side of the center of the page (landscape
orientation) so that later we can cut the page in half. Do
not type anything centered at the top of the page, or it will
be cut in half later. If you use the top title bar, position the
text over each half of the page.
 You may type fonts and titles in color. You may add
small pictures as long as they are relevant to your poem.
 Every poem must have a title!
 Create a title page for your poetry booklet. The title page
must include your name, a title for your poetry collection,
and the date. You may add a picture as well. Make sure
that your title page is on half of a landscape page to fit
into your poetry booklet.
 Social Studies connection: We are going to cut the pages
in half and sew our booklets together as Emily Dickinson
would have done. This will be done in class!
3. Your poetry booklets will be assessed with the following:
Poetry Booklet Evaluation:
Booklet contains 10 poems
__________ (10)
3 Poems were shared with class
__________ (3)
Clip art is relevant to poem topic __________(10)
Fonts are readable
Poems have relevant titles
Title page has name, date, title
Project was done on the due date __________(1)