English III DOL Week 1

English III DOL Week 1
1. president obama of the united states together with the leaders of several south
american countries have agreed to new meetings on economic development
2. dana told raphael that they has got to leave their house early today to make it
to the museum to see the exhibit of brazilian art on time
3. there are many people in this audience who cant except the idea that the Worlds
climate will continue to change if people dont act quick
4. helen, try and arrive before 930 pm so that their will be time for us to visit julie
5. having won the game a visit to ray’s pizza palace was offered to the team by the
6. that husky which is a champion is a consistent winner at dog shows but i dont
believe it will win tonight
7. youre version of ralph waldo emersons essay self reliance is different than mine i
wonder why
8. neither of the events were exciting so we left early then we went to sharons house
to play a video game
9. my Uncle and Aunt will unknown to him be surprised next week at a anniversary
celebration at the sheldon community center
10. please bring this book the scarlet letter to the deans room omar since he needs it
English III DOL Week 2
1. last Summer brian attended a six week course at georgetown university he had
morning classes and worked at the chinese embassy every afternoon
2. my Sister she hasnt never missed mystery a series on Public Television every
thursday at 900 PM
3. soccer is different than american football in several ways the shape of the ball the
parts of the body used in play and the position of the goals on the field
4. the prices of european imports will raise in the untied state prof rossicone states
because the value of the dollar has decreased
5. rear window is the more suspenseful i have ever saw esther remarks at seans party
6. ayeesha did you know that the st lawrence seaway connects montreal canada and
lake ontario
7. three officers of the hiking club decided between theirselves when the trip would
occur irregardless of what other members thought
8. in her office mary gauche noticed a box of dictionaries they were delivered their
earlier by mistake
9. the painting two angels appeared on the christmas card this greeting was inside
holiday joy to you and yours
10. after rowing to the apostle islands us boys laid in the sun on a beach beside lake
English III Week 3 DOL
1. our class will be involved i think in doing a project on the civil war however it is to
late to begin this semester
2. for you to finish on time your going to have to work hard and meet the scheduled
deadline father gascoigne stated
3. my friends who are Members of the club wants to participate in the italian festival
for additional credit
4. dawn dont have no workbook yet but she can use mine if you dont mind
5. although at least one fourth of the members voted against this here amendment it
passed now we have to vote on the amended version
6. i like these kind of pottery by native americans rita remarked so lets visit more
galleries that sell such navajo pottery
7. the weather was extremely humid us 3 decided not to go to the game we went to
the museum instead
8. we are to read the chapter the rise of the cities in the text book perspectives in
history for next wednesdays assignment
9. miss mercado will visit mexico this summer to improve her spanish her visit to
mexico should deepen her understanding of the culture as well as helping her spanish
10. i cannot believe irregardless of what was stated by prof shanahan that our
economy is not very stable these days
English III DOL Week 4
1. ann landers a syndicated columnist is very popular throughout the country her
success is due to her common sense solutions to everyday problems
2. yes senator donovan supported the equal rights amendment but his position was
not popular with some of the people in nebraska
3. at the trading post in santa fe dad couldnt find the write size of navajo rug
consequently he visited other stores until he found them
4. watching the savoy circus at memorial hall the elephants were enjoyed the most by
the children
5. during the 2 day sale at furnishers my Parents bought a victorian style Table who
was discounted 25 percent
6. although rembrandts masterpiece night watch is in the rijksmuseum in amsterdam
many more of his paintings are in londons national gallery
7. skimming my new english textbook understanding literature robert frosts poem
mending wall was seen by me
8. in preparation for climbing mt washington mr holton bought new boots a backpack
and camping gear
9. 287 lawrence blvd
10. traveling shoes inc
tetonia id
2018 archer rd
february 11 2009
gainesville fl
dear sir or madam
English III DOL Week 5
1. after luis has shoveled the snow from the sidewalk he went to the skating rink to
meet two friends one of who was the team captain of the hockey team
2. my Sister she is attending the university of virginia at charlottesville wants to major
in Psychology or Sociology
3. more and more farmers across the nation especially those owning small acreage
are finding it difficult to maintain a decent standard of living isnt that true
4. when dad gave me the car keys he said get some gas checking the oil to see
weather any is needed and drive careful
5. after several attempts in class darnell was able to liquefy the granules bringing it to
a boil and separated the components
6. consuela and erica have got to meet ms johnston at 300 pm so that she can learn
them their new cheerleaders routines
7. he dont know weather he can attend tonites meeting but well be informed by him
later today
8. the development of the u s social security system occurred in 1935 under the
administration of president franklin d roosevelt senator morris roberts tells us
9. mr arceneaux stated i used a ravioli machine from italy and how they came out real
10. tito had ought to call his Mother so that shell know weather she should plan for
less people
English III DOL Week 6
1. marks Father is a engineer at the ace farm equipment co his Mother is a illustrator
at herrera publications inc
2. neither of my parents are able to take me to the village theater to see oscar wilde
play the importance of being earnest
3. aunt felicia said golf is more relaxing than to go swimming or jog
4. by the time the fourth of july parade ended the light drizzle became a downpour
and few people remain on main street
5. sally who did you see at the pizza wagon last night megan asked after Algebra
6. terance dont run very good but he always enters run for you’re life a five mile race
held on labor day
7. in my opinion i think that 12 angry men is the most powerful play of the two i read
last week in english class
8. taina borrowed me a copy of computer facts the magazine that published the
article computer graphics
9. plant them japanese iris bulbs next to the daffodils pam if you want a attractive
display next Spring
10. even though there parents objected captain wong took she and her friend on a
helicopter ride over the grand canyon
English III DOL Week 7
1. none of these seats are further than 22 feet the ticket seller remarked from the
stage so youll have a good view
2. rob told us that the picture has not been hanged proper and it will have to be took
down and done correct
3. adriana please sit those books of shakespeare plays on this here stand well be
using them later in class
4. the reason this motor wont work is because it operates on direct current and not
on alternating current dr khalsa told to the group
5. the new flexible lunch time has had a positive affect in aiding the students return to
classes on time
6. dad announced last night that my Sister and me had did a lot to help mom he than
raises our allowances
7. neither my friend or his sister have the time to address these here envelopes
maybe someone else can help
8. shawn said that neither of the singers were professionally trained but there
rendition of maria was stunning
9. marcus said i should lay down for awhile before i participate in the track meet
otherwise ill not be in top shape
10. keiko and myself has to order these items 2 dozen pizzas 3 cases of juice and i
suppose enough place mats for everyone attending the Festival