English I DOL'S Weeks 19-36 - Charleston School District

English I DOL Week 19
1. my brother-in-laws caravan was stole the thief must of broke a window to get in
the car
2. ricki is the one who drawed the portrait it will be included in contemporary art
3. peter can you go to 1210 lakeview rd at 730 AM tomorrow or will you be at Work
4. my mother she could of went swimming with them people but since she doesnt
swim good she decided to stay home
5. to make a casserole for lunch ms martinez added one half cup broth to the noodles
and vegetables
6. leverne missed the turnoff for allentown driving on interstate 38
7. last week mr franklin buys a copy of mozarts opera the magic flute at celebrity
8. please lend roberto and she the write software otherwise their could be problems
opening the files
9. the five act play king lear is one of shakespeares most acclaimed tragedies it
appeared on the television series masterpiece theater
10. a pro russian bill has took hours to debate in the united states capitol
English I DOL Week 20
1. yes dion you may lend this here skateboard if you return it back to i or my sister
2. ray has took classes jenna said and wants to earn his brothers how to play tennis
3. may me and joey leave smokey our huge dog set here while were inside of this thai
4. on our visit to fairfield high school we talked to the teacher saw the science fair
attended the assembly and then leaved
5. im pleased that you catched the later plane at kennedy airport so that you didnt
have to raise to early
6. if carlos had set in this here seat in class he might have been chose to read his
essay about the play the crucible
7. rose has sang that well known folk song if i had a hammer two times at the
wakefield county folk fair
8. between the three girls they has enough money to see the movie batman and to
buy a copy of the magazine computing tips
9. prof gioffre that wrote the magazine article technology in the west will visit great
britain next Spring
10. she entered the best of her two website designs in the design a website contest
and won a gateway computer
English I DOL Week 21
1. the Governors speech begun with this interesting quote from benjamin franklin
there never was a good war or a bad peace
2. weve recently wrote a group poem it is called memories it is going to be published
in the creative writing english quarterly
3840 sherwood ave
high school computing club
bryn mawr pa 19010
10547 sunset blvd
january 16 2014
denver co 80205
dear sir or madam
5. me and my brother went to jerrys café in the mall for lunch ive never ate their
6. when he lent me this subway token i had no idea that he didnt have none left for
7. in last semesters musical which ms diaz directed lonnie sung as good as the others
8. whom will be waiting for we boys outside of the hilton international hotel asked
9. yes raul we swum in the atlantic ocean when we was on the east coast
10. the theme music of touched by an angel a popular television series was not took
English I DOL Week 22
1. i should of read the short story color blind who appeared in the ontario review
2. them citizens isnt concerned by what ms wong the new mayor has did
3. carla has gave alot of her time to community access it is very grateful for her help
4. next thanksgiving well travel to the northeast and visit boston massachusetts my
Aunt lives there
5. if the owner of our shop had ran it better it would not of been bought by the large
6. the article twains humor contains an excerpt from the prince and the pauper said
7. while ray and fredya were in the philadelphia public library he found the book the
diving bell
8. thirty eight parents have spoke to we community board members about opening
beverly park for skating
9. everyones invited to the party said katya but they should bring food made from
their favorite recipe
10. walking down the street the lincoln memorial could be seen in the distance
English I DOL Week 23
1. my sister she has weared that there coat until it has began to fall apart
2. have you read jeans poem entitled last summer or did you miss it in the magazine
the new yorker
3. troy stated i must of read the novel dragon war but i have forgot the story
4. the lid on my aunts ibm thinkpad has broke and she probably wont leave anyone
use her palm pilot either
5. unpacking my bag one tennis racket was missing i noticed now mom will be angry
6. jon we should of sang louder during the show people beyond the thirty fifth row
couldnt here our voices
7. the weather report has mentioned strong winds we wont be able to sail to spain
8. yes our art teacher has taught us about rodins statue called the thinker which is in
paris france
English I DOL Week 24
1. we were tired after seeing the twenty second exhibit we set on the ground to
2. yesterday the following things gone wrong my computer didnt boot up the
Modem were broken and my e-mail wouldnt download
3. she was tired from the painting she had did she laid down until the phone rung it
was her best friend calling
4. the review of the opera carmen appeared in the los angeles times yesterday i
didnt read it
5. joanne can borrow you the novel the great gatsby she finishes it yesterday
6. stop arguing yelled joe we havent chose the president of the volunteers yet
7. jerry heard that your teaching lark how to swim otherwise he would took her to
the community pool
8. although over the rainbow was wrote years ago it is still being sang
9. the short story the jolly corner is sat in new york the author h james creates a
frightening ending for his readers
10. you shouldnt have shook that can of sprite david soda is going to shoot out
when you open it
English I DOL Week 25
1. youre to do the following chores clean the garage rake the leaves and you should
then wash the dishes
2. this morning our geography Class learns that the drake passage is between south
america and antarctica
3. juan Rodriquez my pen pal sent me some Mexican sculpture he bought in
4. this ice tea havent been drank ill sit it on the picnic table
5. running down the street a tree branch catched the boys umbrella and ripped it
6. please look at the table of contents mr weston stated and youll find chapters about
the novel the joy luck club and the movie citizen kane
7. i and my sister have never had no reason to visit the west however wed like to go
their in a few months
8. we could of rode in that car but its not the fastest of the too vehicles
English I DOL Week 26
1. the article climatic changes and there effects says that parts of the worlds coastline
has sank considerably
2. my Aunt she has lived at 802 palm court laramie wyoming since march 5 2008 i
3. since samantha hasnt drew the illustration for the cover yet itll be alright to
consider too other covers before we decide
4. alot of people could of fleed the destruction caused by the st lawrence rivers
5. weve swam that lake before but mom dont like us too do it now
6. tom today ill learn you the new computer operating system dad said since you find
technology so interesting
7. because it’s beautiful music is so famous the ballet giselle is very popular
8. the korean fabric store at 517 marshall ave tacoma washington will close on june
9. one of my favorite morning programs are good morning america but some friends
doesnt like it as good as me
10. opening the door mother went to her home office turned on the lights and then
the theft was discovered by her
English I DOL Week 28
1. there were 38 students who worked on the lakehaven news our high school
newspaper last year
2. joan can you be in the office at 830 AM tomorrow mr kramer asked or is that to
early for you
3. them 4 actors did very good in there musical which will be performed throughout
the east
4. sarahs chocolate haven a store on glenwood ave sells great chocolate chip cookies
5. dont that woman own the bistro the new restaurant on the shore of lake huron
6. save me shouted the boy that fell in lake manitoba
7. we was stuck in a very bad traffic jam we didnt watch the better play of the rose
8. selma please bring me computing tips i want to show daves class the article called
the new digital world
9. we growed roses and irises successful this year next year daffodils will be added by
10. the students has the following responsibilities choosing a place for the trip
planning the event and to contact parents before the Date
English I DOL Week 30
1. terry stated ill be moving to 6048 sycamore ave los angeles california next month if
mom get the new job
2. i didnt see the movie double jeopardy said randy but i did enjoy liberty heights
3-4. ladies and gentlemen
please send me youre latest video catalog
amy giordano
5. balancing on a chair a picture frame was broken when i dropped it
6. while traveling in the northeast ms pinsker watched the columbus day parade in
new york i heard
7. please lend me one half cup of grated cheese so that dad can make macaroni
casserole for me and my sister
8. ms burns the woman who was the founder of the greenwich village merchants
association will speak at our next Meeting
9. the big bang theory is an television sitcom that mom like a lot
10. the 3 chefs worked hard to prepare the large banquet on time a vacation was
given to them by there boss
English I DOL Week 31
1. the claremont reform synagogue sponsored a fair dad bought some english leather
gloves there
2. after leaving the Plane at gatwick airport the ex prime minister was greeted by the
saudi ambassador
3. jennifer was the happiest of the three to hear that her dog rosie was different than
the other show dogs
4. ms gieger our new neighbor who is from the west wants me to learn her how to
drive ronnie said
5. notre dame cathedral is one of the most famous places in paris it had thousands of
visitors each year
6. of the two roads descending down to raintree lake we choosed the one with the
fewest toll booths
7. having read the chapter the destruction of the rain forest in the book saving our
world the goals of ecology were clearly understood by me
8. mr franklin has ran more than one half mile this morning irregardless of dr lus
9. the five act play the taming of the shrew was the inspiration for the musical kiss me
kate which originally starred alfred drake
10. if it dont interfere with his job eric went swimming at cape cod every summer
English I DOL Week 34
1. irregardless of what is stated in the book marketing your invention i still believe
strong in my own plan
2. nina who is my brothers friend had her article traveling with a computer published
in last months issue of laptop i heard
3. this thai banquet is quite different than the restaurant by the same name in
scranton jesse said
4. im sure that you sat the computer manuals on that there shelf yesterday but now
they cannot be found by none of us
5. because of the bad storm none of those 4 students are going to see the new york
knicks said jack
6. before you add one quarter tablespoon of the exotic spice to the casserole be sure
that the Recipe is correct
7. after jason returned from the near east he showed his videos to the senior high
explorer club
8. the muslims could of began building there new mosque last year but the cost of
lending money was to high
9. when you come to class please bring the too science exhibits with you so that we
can choose the best one for the fair
10. my brother jon will be at 1078 sunset blvd los angeles california until the end of
september when he will move to Atlanta georgia