Math 105 Graded Homework 3 Name _________________________________ around each answer.

Math 105 Graded Homework 3
Name _________________________________
Due Wednesday, February 3. Show your work. Simplify each answer. Draw a box
around each answer.
1. A measurement of an animal's weight is reported as 2030 pounds. Tell
(a) the number of significant figures
(b) the implied precision.
(c) the weight expressed in scientific notation with the right number of significant figures
2. What is the per capita cost of a $3.4 million aquatic center in a city with an official
population of 64,322? Use the appropriate number of significant figures in your answer.
3. A farmer has two wood lots. The first has 2600 trees, while the second has 32,000
trees. What is the total number of trees, to the appropriate precision?
4. My car gets 26 miles per gallon and has a gas tank that hold 13 gallons. According to
the standard rules for combining measured numbers, tell the distance my car can go on a
full tank of gas.
5. The average distance between the sun and the earth is 1.50 × 1013 cm. Light travels at
the speed of 2.998 × 1010 cm / sec. How many seconds does it take for light to get from
the sun to the earth? Give your answer to the appropriate number of significant figures
using scientific notation.