WHO-TV, IA 05-07-07 Solar Power Car on Tour

Solar Power Car on Tour
Des Moines, May 7, 2007--Even with little sun today, some Iowa State University
students are on a solar race. Thirteen students are touring with a solar car.
They made a stop at the Science Center of Iowa today for the first stop of a week
long tour. The goal of the car is to benefit students with hands-on engineering
work and bringing the car to area schools and museums helps get the word out
about alternative energy.
Sarah Kelly, an ISU student and solar car participant, says while they stop at
a lot of schools they're teaching more than just students. "It's really fun, you can
tell they're learning something usually when we bring a car, it's interesting even
for older people when they see the car they didn't even know something like it
was around.
Kelly says the car has a battery pack that stores energy to help on overcast days
like today. But, she says even with clouds in the sky light still get's through.