Chapter 12 The Sun, Our Star

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Chapter 12 Homework
1. Approximately how massive is the Sun as compared to the Earth?
2. If you could manage to stand on the Sun, you would weigh approximately ____ times more than your
weight on the Earth.
3. Where are the hottest area(s) of the Sun?
4. Approximately how long does energy take to travel from the core to the surface of the Sun?
5. What type of energy in the Sun's core?
6. Which part(s) of the Sun is covered with granules and supergranules?
7. Which part(s) of the Sun is not in hydrostatic equilibrium?
8. Where are the solar wind is created?
9. What is the name of a sudden, highly energetic, eruptive explosion on the surface of the Sun?
10. The diameter of the Sun is determined by measuring what?
12. The surface temperature of the Sun can be measured using which equation(s).
13. What is the temperature at the Sun's core?
14. What is the Sun's composition by % of mass?
15. by what process is the energy in the Sun's core produced?
16. Light travels for about how long to reach the Sun's surface?
17. what are the two parts of the Sun's atmosphere?.
18. Where is the temperature of the Sun's chromosphere at it’s highest?
19. Astronomers believe that flares and prominences are manifestations of the Sun's ______.
20. What is the Sun's rotational period at the equator and at the poles?
21. The Maunder Minimum is a period of low sunspot activity, that coincided with what?.
22. What is a solar prominence?
23. Since nuclear fusion in the Sun creates energy from matter, why doesn't it violate the law of
conservation of energy?
24. Generally speaking, activity on the surface of the Sun is primarily driven by what?
25. Flares, mass ejections and activity in the solar corona is best studied using what type(s) of
26. From the center out, what is the correct order of the parts of the Sun?
27. The Zeeman effect, in which energy levels of electrons are shifted and produce a corresponding split
in spectral lines observed, is used to measure what at the Sun's surface?
28. What causes solar cycles?