HOW TO: Crop a picture using Photoshop

HOW TO: Crop a picture using Photoshop
First open Photoshop to get started.
Then upload what picture you want to use:
To do this go to File then Open then find which folder your picture is in, then click open and your picture should appear:
Next select the cropping tool that is on the left side of your screen:
Then use that to crop what you want out of your picture:
After the selection is made press enter and the rest of your image will be erased and you will only have the selected
cropped window:
How to resize and image in Photoshop:
First open Photoshop and under File Open find your picture you would like to resize and click upload so it comes up on
your screen.
Please select Image then under that tab image size:
Next you can then size the image using inches and thus changing the inches size will make your picture larger or smaller
depending on what you need:
Once changed your image will appear at the size you want it at: