Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy
GKN EVO eDrive Systems Limited is committed to providing a safe working environment that supports accident prevention, minimises exposure
to health risks, safeguards the environment and contributes positively to the communities in which we work. By a systematic approach to the
assessment and management of accidental risk, GKN EVO will pursue a goal of “zero accidents”, and aims to minimise the impact of our activities
in areas such as pollution of water, emissions, noise and the creation of waste, as well as encouraging the conservation of natural resources.
 We will comply with all relevant Health, Safety and Environmental legislation.
 We will devise and implement procedures which are appropriate to the nature of the Company’s activities that properly
safeguard the health and safety of our employees, visitors and contractors, including the environment in which we
 We aim to prevent injury and ill health and to minimise our impact on the environment by identifying risks, providing
training, promoting good Health, Safety and Environmental practices and by carrying our employee awareness
 We will ensure that when new equipment, processes and developments are being considered, the Health, Safety and
Environmental implications are taken into account from the initial stages.
 We will operate regular review through the senior management of the company for setting and monitoring Health,
Safety and environmental performance targets to ensure continuous improvement.
Issued May 2014
Stephen Clarke
Chief Executive Officer