– pre-application information Storage request

Storage request – pre-application information
Note: If you, the researcher, do not know the answer to any of these questions do not be concerned, as they will be
followed up in later communications.
General information
Primary contact/s
Authcate username/s (NB. NOT password!)
Contact details
Campus and office location
How you would prefer to be contacted
Role and affiliation
Staff / HDR student (if HDR, include supervisor name)
Field/s of research
General information about the type of research
Timelines and expectations
Primary storage concerns now? (including indication of urgency if
time is an issue)
Any longer term goals?
NB. MeRC aim for 1 week turnaround for getting in touch and
resolving simple queries but complex queries can take longer.
Storage and access requirements
Current data volume
Total size in Mb/Gb/Tb
Number of files and folders
Current storage arrangements
Where data is now
How you are accessing your data
State of completion
finished / ongoing
Frequency of use / update
e.g. working data that changes daily
e.g. data from completed project that needs to be retained but would
not be used often
Rate of growth
For the next 12 months
Data type/s
e.g. spreadsheets, database, documents, images, datasets
Any special data security requirements
e.g. clinical data
e.g. privacy - human subjects are identified
e.g. commercial potential
Access control
Who needs access?
Are all project team members from Monash? (If so, names and
Authcates are useful. NB: NOT password)
If outside Monash, are they based in Australia or overseas?
Researcher’s setup
Location of workspace/s where data e.g. office, lab, home, in the field
would be accessed from
Mac / Windows PC / Linux
e.g. Monash network, commercial ISP (eg Bigpond at home),
Any additional technical details
Any further details that you feel could be useful e.g. IP addresses