Intent to Attend Class Start Date

Intent to Attend
This is to notify MCC that I am enrolled in, and will attend the following class(es):
Start Date
By signing this notification, I am confirming my intent to attend the above class(es).
Signature: _______________________________________________
Student ID: __________________
Date: __________________
This intent to attend must be signed and given to the Financial Aid Office when a student
ceases attendance in current classes but is still enrolled in a future-dated class in the same
Without confirmation of future attendance, MCC must assume a student who has ceased
attendance has withdrawn and must begin the Return of Title IV Funds process. MCC is
expected to begin the Return of Title IV Funds process immediately upon its
determination that a student has withdrawn in order to perform required actions in a
timely manner. MCC may only delay the Return of Title IV Funds process if this written
confirmation of future attendance is provided.
Rev. 08/2014
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