Adverbs Quiz

Adverbs Quiz
Circle the adverb in the following sentences below:
1. I was very tired last night before I went to bed.
2. My brother can run extremely fast.
3. That exam was super hard but I finally finished it.
4. I went to Alaska yesterday in the summer heat.
5. That back alley smelled suspiciously of alcohol.
6. I want it to be constantly sunny for the next week.
Add in the adverb of your choice to complete the sentences below:
1. My grandma's cat is _____________ fat.
2. The winter is __________ cold, I can't wait until it gets warmer.
3. I feel ____________ right now.
4. He will _______________ leave me alone from now on.
5. I was ____________ talking to my parents.
6.There are people ____________ I feel trapped.
Create your own sentences below, you must include at least one adverb:
1. _____________________________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________________________