Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre – Creative Assignment Options
These assignments are options for presenting in either group or individual formats.
Seminar presenters may incorporate this assignment into the seminar presentation. Criteria vary,
so check and have your ideas approved by your teacher before you delve too far into your
Category I – Original Work:
Create a piece of visual art, music, prose, poetry, video or drama which illuminates either
the development of theme or character in Jane Eyre .
Basic criteria:
- for prose, 800 - 1000 words
- for poetry, 30 - 40 lines
- for an oral/media presentation, 7 - 10 minutes
Possible Approaches:
- adapt a passage of the novel and present your script as a short drama for the class. Include
props and costumes as part of your presentation. Note that memorizing lines is a great idea, but
having a prompter in place would be a useful backup plan.
- write a diary entry on Rochester's mysterious past from Bertha's point of view.
- write a newspaper article exposing the corruption at Jane's orphanage.
Category II – Comparative Assignment:
Present parallels between Jane Eyre and a work(s) of visual art, music, poetry, film, or
prose. Your Echoes text may be a useful resource. Note that explaining your comparison is a
requirement of this assignment.
Basic Criteria:
- for written work, 800-1000 words
- for an oral presentation, 7-10 minutes
Possible Approach:
Do a dramatic reading of poetry that relates to themes and/or content of the novel. One
method would be to read your poetry to the class as an appropriate musical score is playing in the
background. After your reading, explain your comparative connections to the class. This
explanation may include a personal response.
For either category of assignment, students who are working in groups will be presenting their
work to the class while students who are working individually may present either orally or in a
purely written form.
Due date: ____________