Dr. Ramsey,


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Dr. Ramsey,

I wanted to let you know that the applica on deadline for the Koch Associate Program is quickly approaching on

March 10 th

, only 10 days away! We are going to have a very strong group of Associates working with us this year, and we s ll have some great posi ons available which might be a perfect career starter for some of your gradua ng seniors or even recent grads.

Listed below is just one of the mul ple open policy posi ons that might interest either a current senior or a graduate with up to 3 years of experience – please alert your network about this opportunity and the deadline!

We also highlight more full- me roles on our website: www.kochassociateprogram.org

Candidates can get in touch with me directly if they are interested in learning more or applying for the program.

Thank you,


Job Ɵ tle: Policy Coordinator

Loca Ɵ on: Washington, DC

Job Type: Full me

Job Descrip Ɵ on:

· Research and analyze the e ff ects of legisla on covering a variety of topics

· Compose ar cles in order to contribute to organiza on’s educa onal e ff orts

· A end and contribute to policy mee ngs and brie fi ngs


· 0-3 years of work experience

· Degree in economics or poli cal science preferred

· Familiarity with one or more of the following policies: federal spending, state spending, health care, monetary policy, fi nancial regula on

· Interest in advancing free-market solu ons

Apply Now

If interested in this role, please fi nd out more at KochAssociateProgram.org



Program Coordinator, Marketing & Recruiting

Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation



cgkfounda on.org

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