Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping
In a concept/mind map, the main idea/topic is written in the centre of the page, with the
different, subsequent topics branching out.
The advantage of this method is that it forces you to focus on the key issues/areas.
It does not have a rigid hierarchy of ideas; so you can go where you like in the order in which
you like.
You can identify relationships and visualise the layout of categories and overarching ideas
This style of note-taking is similar to a flow chart in that it provides a visual image of how the
aspects of an area of law look in relationship to each other
Using mind-mapping for Bus-Eco Law would allow you to organise the rules/principles that
you need to address into clusters where they fit naturally together.
The advantage of this note-taking style is that you can see the bigger idea of how the rules
and principles fit under an issue and allow you to address all that would apply for your
problem situation
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