Science Chemistry

Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute
Upper Grand District School Board
Course Outline
Department: Science
Course Title: Chemistry
Course Type: College Preparation
Grade: 12
Course Code: SCH4C
Credit Value: 1.0
Department Head: Carrie Warren
Teachers: Sandi Bowland
Teacher email: (not mandatory)
Date of Development: 2015/2016
Curriculum Document: (copy subject-specific
document from secondary curriculum
Course Prerequisites/Corequisites:
Required: SNC2D or SNC2P
Strongly Recommended: MCF3M
Course Description:
This course enables students to develop an understanding of chemistry through the
study of matter and qualitative analysis, organic chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical
calculations, and chemistry as it relates to the quality of the environment. Students will
use a variety of laboratory techniques, develop skills in data collection and scientific
analysis, and communicate scientific information using appropriate terminology.
Emphasis will be placed on the role of chemistry in daily life and the effects of
technological applications and processes on society and the environment.
Term Work (70% of the final mark)
Unit Title
Big Ideas
Unit Culminating Tasks
Matter and Qualitative Analysis
Lab Assignment/Unit Test
Organic Chemistry
Lab Assignment/Unit Test
Lab Assignment/Unit Test
Chemical Calculations
Lab Assignment/Unit Test
Chemistry in the Environment
Lab Assignment/Unit Test
Culminating Tasks/Exams (30% or the final mark)
Course Culminating Task/Exams
Final Exam
Cumulative Summative Evaluation
Lab Activity
Culminating Lab Activity/Assignment
Based on the range of students’ learning needs, a selection from the strategies listed below may be
utilized. Refer to list of teaching and assessment strategies.
Teaching Strategies:
A range of instructional strategies will be used to address student needs. Some of
these strategies include direct instruction, interactive instruction, experiential learning
and independent study.
Assessment and evaluation strategies:
Students are given opportunities to learn and be assessed before summative
Textbooks/Learning Resource Materials (align with Policy 603)
Nelson, Chemistry 12 College Preparation - hardcover textbook signed out through the
classroom teacher
Fees for Learning Materials/Activities
Learning Materials/Activities
Please refer to the GCVI Student Handbook for our school policies on:
● academic integrity
● late and missed assignments