Document 10524989

TITLE: A Method for Single Cell Sequencing of miRNAs and Other Difficult to Obtain Cellular
INVENTORS: David Corey and Yongjun Chu
TECHNOLOGY: Biological
UTSD: 2763
SUMMARY: This invention is a method that can sequence short RNA, preferably less than 200
base pairs, from 10 pg of sample (a single cell). There are methods for long RNA sequencing
starting from a single cell. This new technology is different from DNA harvesting and
amplifying. First, total RNA is extracted from a single cell and circularized without introduction
of any nucleic acid to the sequence. Random 5’-primer is annealed to the circular
template. Linear cDNA is created by reverse transcriptase. The transcription stops randomly
after 5-10 (circular) repeats. Then, random 3’- adaptor is added to create double stranded
cDNA through PCR amplification with indexed primers. The resulting library is sequenced.
Software to handle and analyze the sequencing data has been developed. It will identify the
origin of a RNA molecule sequence.
The technology is currently at final stage of development mostly for research purpose with
potential for clinical diagnostic purpose.
Please contact the Office for Technology Development for more details:
Phone: 214-648-1816
Please reference UT Southwestern Case Number: 2763