Finance Department

Finance Department
May 11, 2010
FINANCE #2010-09
Martha Rogers
Director of Education
Janice Wright
Superintendent of Finance
The Central Guelph (FI) Elementary Accommodation Review began in the spring of 2008. In the
fall of 2008, the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) met and began its work. The ARC met
throughout 2008-2009 and held three public meetings. In the late spring of 2009, Trustees halted the
review, based on concerns expressed by the public.
In September of 2009, the Trustees approved a work plan for the continuation of the Central Guelph
(FI) Elementary Accommodation Review. The Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) has
been working diligently all year and has recently achieved some milestones. A fourth public
meeting was held on March 24th, 2010 to share a short list of scenarios that were being considered
by the ARC for recommendation to Trustees. The Staff Steering Committee (SSC) indicated the
components of the scenarios that were preferred.
In accordance with the work plan, both the ARC and the SSC completed their final reports by April
22nd, 2010. They were presented at a fifth public meeting on April 28th, 2010.
To present the final report of the Accommodation Review Committee and the Staff Steering
Committee to the Trustees for consideration.
1. THAT the report: Central Guelph (FI) Elementary Accommodation Review – Final Report
(Finance #2010-09) dated, May 11, 2010 be received.
2. THAT the final report of the Accommodation Review Committee dated April 22, 2010,
(including copies of the Accessory Documents listed on page 41) attached as Schedule A to
Finance #2010-09 be received and considered.
3. THAT the final report of the Staff Steering Committee dated May 11, 2010, attached as
Schedule B to Finance #2010-09, be received and considered.
The ARC report contains 4 scenarios for consideration, three are supported by a majority of ARC
members and one is supported by a minority. Of the three scenarios supported by the majority, two
split the 7/8 FI students between John McCrae P.S. and Waverley Drive P.S., and the third scenario
keeps them together at Waverley Drive P.S. The minority supported scenario keeps them together at
John McCrae P.S. The SSC scenario also splits the students between John McCrae P.S. and
Waverley Drive P.S.
A Summary of Shortlisted Scenarios is attached as Schedule C. This should be useful when
comparing the features of one scenario to another, and to see the impact of each of the scenarios on
the schools involved.
Schedule D is feedback and correspondence received subsequent to the final ARC meeting for
Trustee consideration.
The Accommodation Review Policy (modified by the Work Plan) provides that the Board will
consider a Motion of Intent arising from an accommodation review where a program is to be
relocated effective June 30th of the next school year. All of the scenarios contemplate the
relocation of the regular track program from F.A. Hamilton P.S. to Jean Little P.S.
F.A. Hamilton P.S. becomes a JK to 6 FI centre and a number of students are relocated to this
In order to satisfy these requirements if the Trustees signal their intent to implement one of the
scenarios, an additional recommendation is required to signal the Board’s intent to close F.A.
Hamilton P.S. to regular track students effective September 1, 2011.
The motion of intent will be confirmed at the August Board Meeting.
Once a scenario decision is made a series of implementation motions will be presented for approval.