Booz Allen Hamilton`s Disability Accommodations and Workplace

Booz Allen Hamilton’s
Disability Accommodations and
Workplace Adjustments Program
DC METRO BLN Monthly Meeting
February 6, 2013
The Request Process
Information posted internally at and
Requesting a Reasonable Accommodation or
a Workplace Adjustment
The Accommodation Team is available to answer any employee or applicant
questions or concerns prior to a request being submitted
Completed request forms and medical documentation, as described on the form, are
submitted to the Accommodation Team mailbox (Note: All information pertaining to
requests remains confidential and separate from personnel files)
The Accommodation Team reviews each request and schedule a time to discuss
with the employee or applicant
Manager(s) and/or HR representative are included in the interactive process when
Products and services are purchased through a centralized investment fund
Upon implementation, the Accommodation Team verifies that accommodations &
adjustments are effectively meeting and balancing employees’ needs with those of
the firm