Story and Blog Submission Document

Story and Blog Submission Document
So you want to write for the OLC? Awesome! Glad to have you. If you haven’t already, take a
minute to read our writing guidelines, and the different kinds of stories and blogs you can write.
On our site, stories tend to contain informational and educational content, while blogs are usually
written from a more personal perspective, usually in first person.
Please complete all the fields and then email your submission, along with any attached images
(minimum lead image size: 600 x 280) to
We may make some minor edits to all submitted work, which we will send to you before
publication. If major edits are needed we’ll work with authors to complete the finished article.
Major (if relevant)
Author Title (can be school related (Communications Student) or work related (OLC
Community Coordinator)
Title (Keep titles short, relevant and interesting)
This is where you convince potential readers to click through to your story, let them know what
your article is about, but keep it snappy and intriguing, aim for 150 – 300 characters.
Please include any subheads, bullets and relevant links. If you have images to include within the
article, put them in place here and attach full size versions to your email.
Has this been previously published anywhere else? If so, where?
Is there any online profiles or portfolios you’d like us to link to?
If you need links to add context to your post, include them as hyperlinks in the article body
Do you have permission to use all submitted photos?
Do any photos require credit? If so, provide links here.