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Driven by tenant
demand & legislation
Misalignment between
landlord cost & tenant
Certification system
Becoming mainstream
Green Leasing
Concept introduction
Motivations & applications in SA
Discussion on overcoming barriers
Possible focus session at next Forum
Green Leasing
Establishing a relationship between owners and
tenants to implement ‘green’ improvements
Alignment for green investment
Integrating green elements into lease agreements
Can include cost allocation arrangements e.g.
higher rentals to recoup owner investments and
balance lower operating costs for tenants
Can work for single or multiple tenants
Greater transparency of building performance
A new way of engaging, in a changing world
Difficult, maybe. Smart way forward, yes.
Lower operating costs for tenants
Lower risk and greater tenant retention for landlord
Less adversarial relationship
Corporate responsibility, reporting & reputation
Leadership in international property value trend
Environmental sustainability
Keeping the lights on for next few years
Even job creation?
Complexity of lease agreements
Varying length of tenure/ lease
Split incentives
Poor measurement
Waiting for upgrade opportunities
Lack of capital funds
Longer payback periods of some methods
Lack of standardisation
Misperceptions & different drivers
Larger tenants & longer leases
Finding common ground & aligning incentives
Improve measurement
Less disruptive retrofits
Upgrade opportunities
Shorter payback technologies/ methods
Financing mechanisms
Building relationships & education
California Sustainability Alliance
Green Leases Toolkit – 2007, updated 2009
Definitions, Tools, Market, Report
Landlord Tools
Green Work Letter
Green Marketing Materials
Energy Star Portfolio Manager
Tenant Tools
Portfolio Characterisation
Green Criteria
Green Policy Statement
Greent Request for Proposal (RfP)
Lease Provision Database
Due Dilligence Scorcard etc
London’s Better Buildings Partnership
Green Lease Toolkit – 2009
Best practices
Model Green MOU (not legally binding)
Model Green Lease clauses (scalable)
Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit -2009
Better Metering Toolkit
Greenprint Foundation Carbon Index
Green Building Management Toolkit -2010
Guidance on setting up management groups
Template presentations, reports & Action Plan
Sustainable Retrofit Guide
‘One year on’ discussion