October 6  to October 30, 2012 

October 6th to October 30, 2012 In order to protect the identity of all individuals who have submitted correspondence with regard to the
New South Guelph Boundary Review and in keeping with the Municipal Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act, all personal information and/or identifiers have been severed from all
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October 10/2012
Not even sure where to start. Being from Guelph and going through the French Immersion program
myself I understand how beneficial it is. We are very lucky to have such a great program. My
concern lies in how long Guelph and its surrounding areas are taking to understand the growing need
for FI Schools. My children are in Grade 5 and Kindergarden. My eldest has attended 4 schools.
Yes, we moved once from Fergus to Guelph, (already going through one Boundary Review in Fergus).
Upon Moving to Guelph, went through an accomodation review. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this
next Boundary review will not tear apart my kids friends yet again. Yes, French Immersion is growing,
but I believe the reason a child can really excel in such a program let alone any School is by keeping
their environment the same. Changing schools & friends every 2 years is tough on a kid and I would
hate to see it happen again.
October 24, 2012
I am very lucky to live a 15 minute walk away from my daughter's school. I value the fact that she
attends a walkable, communinty school. I appreciate my ability to feel a part of that community as I
chat with teachers and other parents. I do not want that to change.
I also appreciate the dual-track education at our school - a replica of our bilingual country. I do not
support the move to FI centres.
I do recognize that the increase in French Immersion enrolments, and the introduction of FDK in
2014, will put enrolment pressure on our school. I hope, however, that as the board discusses
options during the boundary review process, that they will consider options other than bussing our kids
to a school outside of this community. If that was the only option, I would have to seriously consider
withdrawing my child from the FI program.
Thank you, in advance, for your consideration of my comments