Deutsch 102 Aufsatz bis: Dienstag, den 12.1.2016

Deutsch 102 Aufsatz
bis: Dienstag, den 12.1.2016
Write an essay AUF DEUTSCH of approximately 100 words covering two major topics:
Neue Studenten:
Tell us about yourself. Use constructions and vocab that you already know (but looking up an
occasional word is okay). Here are some ideas, but please skip anything that you can’t yet write
• Where are you from? Talk about your hometown.
• Tell me about your parents, siblings, pets.
• What do you do for fun? Sports, hobbies, talents.
• What do you like to eat and drink?
• Where do you want to travel?
Alte Hasen:
Tell me what you can do, want to do, and would like to do in class this year. Use the present
tense (even though it’s somewhat future oriented) and make use of the vocab you know. Some
• What can you talk about or write about already?
• What would you like to talk or write about?
• What do you want to learn? Keep it simple!
• What else would you like to do in class? Play cards, watch movies, hear music, sing
opera . . .