1) What is your incoming email size limit? ... send to you via an FTP or can I Fed...

1) What is your incoming email size limit? If our final PDF exceeds this limit, can I
send to you via an FTP or can I Fed Ex you a CD?
We should be able to accommodate submittals electronically. We will verify when we
receive them.
2) It appears that the Architect or CM/GC will be responsible for selecting the geotech
as part of their team. Is that a correct assumption? If you could let me know, I
would appreciate it. Thank
Sub-consultants who did not attend can still be considered on a team.
3) Should we try to get on teams by contacting Architectural firms or will our services
be the responsibility of UCCS?
Geotechnical firm should make contact with the Architectural firms who attended the
mandatory pre-proposal meeting.
4) Is a site plan of the existing Summit Village complex available that includes the
proposed expansion sites?
A survey, soil borings, and site plan of the expansion area will be made available to the
selected team.
5) Will the scope of work include programming, program verification, or will the
program be fully defined. If the latter, is a program document available?
Program will be fully defined.
6) We heard at the pre-submittal conference that the project budget is set at 15 million.
What percent of this fee is designated for construction?
This percentage has not been designated.
7) Is the funding secured and is there a possibility that the towers may be phased due
to funding constraints?
At this time, there is no plan to phase the construction of the new buildings. Both are
anticipated to be designed and constructed simultaneously.
8) I was told that the geo-tech part of this project will be handled by UCCS separately.
Can you clarify this? Will there be a separate contract for geo-tech? Thanks.
UCCS will contract for survey and soil borings separately.
Other geotechnical services for the project will need to be included in the prime
consultant’s scope of services.
9) Could we get a rough draft of the program plan to date? If not – could we getter a
more detailed description of the 8-person hotel type VIP Suites?
The VIP suites may have small kitchenettes (microwave, refrigerator, small sink,) and
upgrades finishes
10)Can you tell us who will be on the selection committee?
Representatives from Planning & Construction, Auxiliary Services, and other UCCS staff
11)What is the estimated construction budget? We understand that the total project
budget is 15 million.
The total project budget of $15 million includes all soft costs, hard costs and contingencies.
A more detailed construction budget will be developed as the project proceeds.
12)It would be idea to be able to view the program plan for Summit Village Expansion
Program plan is not yet available for review.