Fall  2015    LAS – Never a Dull Moment 

 Fall 2015 LAS – Never a Dull Moment Well, that’s hardly a theme for a college, but it does capture our energy and the seeming whirlwinds of change we are part of, must adapt to, and must steer. I’m thinking primarily of our effort to help our University in its online initiative. We ‐ you all ‐ have responded tremendously. The Regents charged the CU campuses with creating a competitive online program: Our College is currently teaching 59 sections of online courses, 42% of the university total. A few years ago you could count on one hand the percentage of courses we taught online. Around fifty courses are in development too! I’m also thinking of our new exercise science major. It’s a joint effort with Health Sciences, and we think it will bring well over 500 students to campus. Andy Subudhi and Jackie Berning developed this excellent program; it’s sure to enhance our university’s reputation throughout the region and then the country. I’m also thinking of our university’s budget and the impact it has on our ability to continue to offer our students the best instructional opportunities. Things are tight, but the College has continued to fund one‐on‐one student research opportunities with faculty (around $80,000 last year). By the way, please remember the November 2 deadline for the Student‐Faculty Research, Creative Works, Community Service proposals … In case you didn’t know, our National Student Exchange program, expertly steered by Margie Oldham with help from Heidi Wardell, has enabled 56 of our UCCS students to attend universities from Hawaii to Florida this year, and we are hosting 51 students from universities around the country. The students of UCCS find this to be a less‐expensive, less‐
daunting, and equally‐rewarding surrogate for the more expensive study abroad programs. We are a top 10 destination for students from elsewhere in the country – no surprise! Recently, our Chancellor has rallied many of us to come up with ideas to better retain our students. It’s important for our university’s finances and really important for our students. It’s an all‐university effort, so please share any thoughts you have with your fellow faculty members, your chair, or me. The financial disquiets have served us begrudgingly well by compelling us to focus our energies in new, positive ways. Ultimately, I find that there is something comforting and exciting about being in such a dynamic place. And finally, my door is always open ‐ Please come by! Have a great semester Peter A. Braza Dean