Analysis Worksheet 2 Name ________________________ Class ______

Name ________________________ Class ______
Analysis Worksheet 2
Needs Assessment: Need/Course Goal
Decide the student needs that will be met through the project. (What does the student
need to know or be able to do?)
Use these questions more than once in your analysis:
1. to decide the course or module goal
2. to decide the sub-goals for smaller pieces within your project.
- Actual
= Gap
Question To Ask The
What The Teacher Answers
What do you want
Describe and give examples of some of the major
your students to be
aspects of the Industrial Revolution and the impact of
able to do?
the Industrial Revolution on the people of the United
What can your
students currently do?
Students can vaguely remember some aspects of the
Industrial Revolution.
What knowledge and
competencies are your
students lacking to
achieve mastery?
The specific details of the major aspects of the
Industrial Revolution and the impact on the people of
the U.S.
Approved by ____________________ Date ___________
Approved by ____________________ Date ___________