Day 2: Trade and investment rules for inclusive and sustainable...

Day 2: Trade and investment rules for inclusive and sustainable development
What specific trade, technology and investment policy issues need to be addressed at the
national and international levels to bring about a more balanced world economy, consistent
with environmental sustainability?
What sectoral policies (including agriculture, services, environment and natural resources, and
technology) have potential to foster greater poverty reduction, decent job creation, gender and
youth empowerment and access to essential services (water, health, education etc)?
In particular, what emerging best practices in the respective policy areas, including trade and
investment policies and rules supporting sustainable development strategies, the management
of international production networks, food security issues, aid for trade and regional
Are there trade and investment rules at global, regional and bilateral levels that need to be
reviewed to ensure that they do not conflict with, or prevent implementation of policies
designed and applied to meet sustainable development objectives?
Given the current state of the Doha Round, is there an alternative trade agenda that can be
pursued at the regional and international levels in support of inclusive and sustainable