Waverley Council [Edition 1, Volume 2] December 2011

[Edition 1, Volume 2]
December 2011
The Giving Tree
Council will be putting up a tree by
the office; we will be encouraging
students to donate and decorate it
with new or gently used scarves,
hats and gloves. Gifts of nonperishable food items can also be
placed under the tree. All items
donated will be used to benefit
families within our school
Zehrs Save-a-Tape
Zehrs Save-A-Tape Program
Bring your old Zehrs receipts
into the office and we can
redeem them for funding to
support our school.
gifts to their teachers. On behalf of
the teachers at Waverley Drive public
school, we would like to encourage
you to instead make a charitable
donation to honour your teacher.
Donations made to the Learning
Foundation are one way you can do
this and benefit your child's class at
the same time. Please see form at
bottom of the newsletter. Krista
Evans, Grade 1 / 2
Contact Us
Check out the Council Board in the
breeze way, or join our email list. You
can also find more information on the
school web site:
Feel free to send us an email
Holiday Gift Giving
This time of year we understand
that some students choose to give
Next Meeting
Monday, January 16, 2012 at 7:00 pm
in the school library.
Fundraising Update
Greetings from the Fundraising Committee! As we approach the holiday
season, where thoughts turn to giving and sharing, I ask you to consider
adding our school to your list. Our school has many needs that are not
covered by school board funds. We have set a fundraising target of $20,000
this year, which we will achieve if we all work together.
Our Waverley teachers welcome contributions to the UGLF for our school
instead of presents this holiday season. Donations, big and small, are
meaningful, practical gifts that will result in tangible supplies for
classrooms, enriched programming for students, and income tax deductions
for the parents. Everyone wins!
Here is exactly what we are raising money towards:
ROAR Day: $4,000 A day of guest speakers and instructional workshops
for all grade 7 and 8 students that took place in October.
Anti-Bullying Initiatives: $1,500 Year long programming including
special guest speakers from the Toronto Argonauts for grades K-8.
Scientists In School: $3,150 Hands-on, half-day workshops run by local
scientists, for grades K-6 classes.
Music Program: $2,000 To provide for the maintenance/repairs of class
sets of guitars, ukuleles, brass and wind instruments, etc. used in musical
instruction for all students.
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500 Victoria Road North, Guelph, Ontario N1E 6K2
Birthday Books
have arrived
Council has replenished the
stock of Birthday books in
Mrs. Topping's office.
Announcements will be
made for students to
choose a book on, or near,
their birthday.
Roar Day
– a huge success!
ROAR Day is a special day
for our grade 7 & 8
students. It focuses on
respect for self, opportunities to grow, achieving
your potential and recognizing your strengths.
Guests from our community lead workshops for the
students and a powerful
motivational speaker starts
the day. Thank you Parent
Council for supporting this
worthwhile day. Tina
Fontinato, Child and Youth
Lunch Program
Gets a New Fridge
A HUGE thank you to
Parent Council who
contributed $621.00 to
cover the cost of our
fridge... Patti Schopp,
Educational Assistant
Charitable Registration Number 89445 0444 RR0001
Postal Code
Phone (optional)
Email (optional)
Method of Payment
Enclosed is
my cheque $
(made payable to: Upper Grand Learning Foundation)
Classroom Resources: $3,100 To
give $100 to each classroom teacher to
partially reimburse them for purchases
of classroom supplies for our children.
Birthday Books: $750 To give an ageappropriate book as a birthday present
to every child who attends Waverley.
Refrigerator: $621 To purchase a
fridge to safely store lunch ingredients
for the Food and Friends program which
is providing snacks and lunches to
children who need them. Demand has
tripled over last year.
Gratitude Fund: $200 To provide
cards and tokens of appreciation,
sympathy, etc. to Waverley staff when
marking noteworthy occasions.
Total: $15,321
We will apply any funds raised over and
above $15,321 to our Family Fun Night
in June. We have traditionally charged
up to $12/child for FFN and would love
to be able to offer this event to you at
reduced or no cost.
That is how we arrive at $20,000.
So far, we have raised $3,915.75.
Please help us to reach our target by
filling in the Upper Grand Learning
Foundation form and sending it to
school with a cheque. Every
contribution of $20.00 or more qualifies
for an income tax receipt, with 100% of
donations going to the school. If every
family at Waverley gives just $40, we
will achieve our goal this year!
Say no to bugs!
Treating and preventing head lice
Hat season is upon us!
also inhibits their movement and
Unfortunately those horrid little
makes it difficult for their eggs (nits)
creatures known as head lice will
to attach to the hair shaft. So spike
also follow. Here are some myths
that mohawk!
and ways of keeping the bug blues
There are several suggestions of
essential oils that can be put directly
Myth #1 Lice are NOT a sign of
onto scalp or added to your daily
poor hygiene. In fact they LIKE
shampoo. Tea Tree Oil has been
clean hair!
suggested most often but other oils
Myth #2 Lice do not jump or fly
have also been recommended such
from one head to another. They
as: Lavender, Citronella,
don't have wings and cannot jump.
Rosemary and Coconut. Lice hate
They become dislodged by air (hair) the smell! Add 12 to 15 drops directly
into shampoo or diluted with water in
Myth #3 Lice cannot live in carpets, a spray bottle.
beds, clothes and couches. A louse
Vinegar! Yes the many uses of
can only live for 45 hours away from vinegar! Wine vinegar or apple cider
a scalp!
vinegar have been said to be the
Although there is not a 100%
most effective. Do a vinegar
guaranteed product to prevent head treatment once a week. Soak the hair
lice, there are measures everyone
in vinegar and leave it on for 20-30
can make to try and ward off these
minutes then wash as usual. The acid
in vinegar will help detach nits (if
Thank you so very much for your
support! Together, we can do this!
First of all, if your child has long
present) and again the lice don't like
hair, keep it tied back while at
the smell!
Your Fundraising Committee Chair,
Ryla Alice Downie
school or social functions. Braids
Also speak to your family doctor,
and buns are mostly recommended. pharmacist, or Public Health for other
Another solution could be if your
child likes to style their hair, let
them! Using hair gel, hairspray or
Information found via internet using
other hair styling products simulates keywords: head lice, lice preventions,
dirty hair that head lice don't like! It lice home remedy
You can make a difference too!
Come out to the next Council meeting
on Monday, January 16, and see for yourself.
Master Card
Card Number
Expiry Date
The administration fee charged by the banks for the use of credit cards will be deducted from the amount donated to the school, i.e. A $100 donation will result in
$96.50 going to the school.
I would like to support the Upper Grand Learning Foundation with a gift to:
School Fund – I want to designate my donation to: Waverley Drive School
Please forward your donation and completed Contribution Form to the Upper Grand Learning Foundation at the above address or to the attention of Upper Grand
Learning Foundation through your nearest Upper Grand District School Board school courier service.
Tax receipts will be issued for contributions of $20 or more.
This information is collected pursuant to the Board’s responsibilities as set out in the Canadian Income Tax Act. This information will be used for purposes of
processing your donation and will be securely stored and retained. Questions about this collection should be directed to
Thank you for supporting our students!