Waverley Drive Public School October, 2014


Waverley Drive Public School

October, 2014

Principal: Blair Conrad Vice-Principal: Hanna Morris



September has been a busy month as all of our students have settled into their new routines and classes. I am very impressed with the way our students have handled the changes that we have faced as a school community. Thank you to all of our families who attended Open House. It was nice see many new and returning families.

The School Council would like to invite you to attend the next meeting on October 22 nd


7:00pm in our library. Our school website will contain updates from Council as well as their latest newsletter. Keeping Waverley Drive parents informed about issues that affect our school is a top priority for our Council. Please try to get involved with our School Council to keep Waverley a great place to learn.

Our sports program is in full swing with practices taking place at lunch break. The Waverley boys’ and girls’ football teams represented our school in fine fashion at the recent county tournament. Our girls’ team went undefeated! Cross country and soccer practices for both intermediate and junior students are taking place during lunch break throughout the week. Students and staff are working hard to improve skill and fitness levels of each player. Thank you to the teachers who give their time to coach and organize our extracurricular activities.

Please remember that Friday, October 24 is a PD Day. Students do not come to school that day and staff will be at school for Professional Development workshops.

Waverley is very proud to be a Gold Ecoschool and as a school community we are looking for ways to continue with our growth as an ecoschool. With this in mind we want to reduce the paper that goes home. This year we will send home only the first page of the newsletter including a monthly calendar of events.

The rest of the newsletter can be viewed on the website. Please go to our school website at www.ugdsb.on.ca/wav and click on the tab that reads “sign up to receive email updates from the school”. Once you have signed up you will receive an email with a link to the monthly newsletter and other school related reminders. If you wish a paper copy of the full newsletter please let the office know.

Way to go Lions!!

Blair Conrad


It is very important that you notify the school office if your child is going to be late or absent for any reason. There is an answering machine on twenty-four hours a day so please use this system to keep us informed. You may leave a message on ext 100. Please help us ensure that all students arrive at school safely. We also require a note or phone call from parents if you will be picking up your child(ren) during or after school. Be sure to SIGN IN at the office when dropping or picking up your children during the school day.


Anyone visiting or volunteering the school (including parents) MUST SIGN IN AT THE

OFFICE and wear a Waverley Drive identification badge when you are in the school. Our students recognize those who are wearing the school badge as members of our school community.


At Waverley Drive P.S., personal technology is allowed for use within our classrooms for the purpose of enhancing student learning. Devices such as smartphones, laptops, chromebooks, iPads and other tablet devices are welcome for educational use at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Our new BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy has been explained to students, as well as the rules and responsibilities.

1. Technology is allowed with direct supervision at the discretion of the teacher.

2. Technology is not allowed in unsupervised areas or areas that are not directly supervised (washroom, hallways, lunchroom, outside at recess).

Music Update from Mr. Cooper

Music Update:

The Waverley Drive Music program is off to a busy start and assignments and playing tests are already beginning for some of our classes. Parents and guardians: any time your child's class is doing a unit in which they are allowed to bring an instrument home (wind ensemble [which is flutes, trombones etc.], ukulele, and recorder) they are expected to practice at home at least once a week.

Please figure out a routine with your child to ensure that practice is happening. If practice at home is impossible due to noise (ie. if there's a baby at home, or if someone needs to sleep during the day, or if you live in a building where it would bother the neighbours) please have your child speak to me

(Mr. Cooper) about setting up a time for them to practice at school. For all other units no home practice is expected (ie. percussion, guitar, composition, dance).

Here's a list of which classes are doing which units at this time:

KA-KB: Beat, major scale, action songs, learning routines.

Gr. 1-6 (except 6G) are doing various aspects of percussion.

6G, 8A, 8C, 78G, 8G are doing the wind ensemble.

Please note that the other intermediate classes (7A, 78B, 7G) will begin music in early February when the current intermediate music students switch over to art.

Band Update: The band is up and running and we have our first 2 performances on the calendar.

Fri. Oct. 31st band members will perform our first piece at the assembly in the morning. Tues. Nov.

11th the band will perform the national anthem for our Remembrance Day assembly. Parents, the one great thing about having a child in the band at Waverley is the chance for them to play music outside of class. The tough part for me is that due to the size of our gym it is not possible for us to accommodate you coming to hear the band at these two events. With staff and students in the gym we are at our maximum capacity. We will be performing at festivals later in the year and we welcome your attendance at those events. (And truthfully, we'll be A LOT better by then!)

Drop me a line at 824-7742 x406 if you have any questions.


Congratulations Waverley! Once again, families, students and staff generously donated money to the Terry Fox Foundation for Cancer Research. This year, we participated in a marathon for hope

“Across Canada”. Waverley has a strong tradition of school spirit and empathy for this cause; many of our families and friends have been afflicted by this disease and our efforts are meaningful to us all. Please stay tuned for our total.


The Public Health Nurses will be at the school on October 20 th

, to administer the

Hep B shots to all grade 7 students and the HPV shots to the grade 8 girls. Consent forms have gone home with the students. If you have any questions, please call the

Guelph Wellington Health Unit.


Hey Waverley Lions!! Welcome back to another year at a wonderful school. To start the year off this is a reminder that the food program is always open for breakfast, snack and lunch. A new tradition is fast approach “Student Recipe to the Month” where students can submit delicious and nutritious recipe. A student will be chosen and their recipe added to the menu and served on

Student Choice Day.

We would like to acknowledge the staff and suppliers, Elanco and Golden Griddle for the healthy food they have greatly provided us. With great gratitude, we would like to thank Mrs. Schopp and the food program helpers, for their time and care they put into our food program. So the next time, you go to the lunch program and ask for a sandwich with mayo, turkey and lettuce, remember to thank our generous helpers.

Grade 6,7,8 QSP Fundraiser

Grade 6, 7, and 8 students at Waverley Drive are selling magazines and frozen cookie dough to help fund their grade 6 and 8 end of the year trips.

Magazines ordered through this campaign will save you money compared to the newsstand costs and support a great cause. They can be ordered directly through students or online using our school access code 3713385. At the end of your transaction specific student names can be added so that proceeds can go directly towards that student's trip.

Do you like to eat great tasting cookies, but don't always have the time to bake? Tasty Batters, frozen cookie dough, can also be ordered directly through our grade 6, 7, and 8 students. These frozen doughs are a fast and easy way to make some delicious homemade cookies for your family and support a good cause.

Grade 7 & 8 Poinsettia Fundraiser

Do you have a business that you would like to decorate for the holiday season? Grade 7 and 8 students will also be selling poinsettia plants this year. Order forms will go home in the middle of


If you would like to order magazines, cookie dough or poinsettias, and do not know a student in grades 6,7 or 8, please feel to contact the school and we will connect you with a student seller.

Thanks for supporting fundraising at Waverley Drive!

M. Steele