MAT1L Grade 9 Essential Mathematics Teacher: Ms. Gray Course Description:

Grade 9 Essential Mathematics
College Heights Secondary School
Teacher: Ms. Gray
September 2011
Course Description: This course emphasizes further development of mathematical knowledge and skills to
prepare students for success in their everyday lives, in the workplace, and in the Grade 10 LDCC course.
The course is organized in three strands related to money sense, measurement, and proportional reasoning. In all strands,
the focus is on developing and consolidating key foundational mathematical concepts and skills by solving authentic,
everyday problems. Students have opportunities to further develop their mathematical literacy and problem-solving skills
and to continue developing their skills in reading, writing, and oral language through relevant and practical math activities.
The Ontario Curriculum
Ministry of Education and Training 2005.
Units of Study
1. Measurement -
Introduction to Metric Measurement
Length, Mass, Capacity
Perimeter, Area, Volume
Linear Measurement – Imperial
2. Proportional Reasoning - Fractions, Decimals, and Percent
- Applications of Percent, Ratios, Fractions
- Ratios and Rates
- Money Basics
- Applications with Money
- Money and Rates
In addition to the above units of study, this course will include a comprehensive
review and reinforcement of basic / essential numeracy skills
Assessment and Evaluation of Student Performance
Assessment and evaluation are based on the provincial curriculum expectations
and achievement levels and reflect the students’ most consistent level of
achievement. A variety of strategies will be used including, but not exclusive to,
quizzes, tests, assignments, tasks, projects, journals, and labs. The five
learning skills, Works Independently, Teamwork, Organization, Work Habits, and
Initiative, will be evaluated on a four-point scale (E–Excellent, G–Good, S–Satisfactory, N–
Needs Improvement) and play a critical role in students’ achievement but are not factored
into percentage grades.
Term Mark
Thinking/Inquiry/Problem Solving
Final Mark
Term Mark 70% + Final Exam 15% + Culminating Activity 15%
Successful students:
1. Attend regularly
If you are absent from a math class, it is your responsibility to complete the
notes, activities, and homework for that class. If you know in advance that you will
be absent, please let me know. Due to the hands on nature of some in class
activities, some tasks, labs, projects and assignments may not be made up if
missed. A doctor’s note is required for a missed exam or culminating activity.
2. Are prompt
Please arrive in class on time to maximize instructional time and limit disruption to the
learning of others
3. Ask for assistance
Extra help is available at lunch time. A schedule will be posted in the classroom.
4. Come prepared
Please bring the following supplies: 3-ring binder (dedicated to math), lined paper,
pencils, eraser, ruler, calculator. Your binder may be stored in the classroom.
No cell phones, No ipods, No MP3s etc.
A final note:
It is my firm belief that all students can experience success in mathematics. Each of us
learns and demonstrates our learning in a variety of ways. Concrete learning tools, real
world applications, cooperation, independence, exploration, investigation and practice, are
all a part of our experience in MAT1L.
Ms. Gray
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