Moodle - Embedding Videos from Google Drive

Moodle - Embedding Videos from Google Drive
Upload files into Google Drive:
1. Your video should be in Flash Video (flv) or MP4 format.
Go to your Google drive.
On the left, click New.
Select File upload.
Select the file you want to upload. To select multiple files,
press Ctrl (PC) or Command (Mac) and click all the files
to upload.
6. You'll see a box that shows the progress of your file
Embedding video stored on Google Drive
1. Right-click the video in Google Drive and
choose "Share...”
2. Make sure sharing is set to "Anyone at Hope
College who has the link can view”.
3. Copy the "Link to share” from the box at the
top of the dialog.
4. Click "Done”.
5. Paste and open the link in a new tab or
6. At the top of the screen, click the icon with three vertical dots and choose "Embed item...”.
7. Copy the embed code.
8. In Moodle, open (or create) the activity/resource where you want
to place your video. Using the Resource, Page choice is a good
way to embed your video on to a Moodle page within your class
This icon opens more of the toolbar—
from one to three rows.
This icon opens the HTML editor
where you paste the embed video
In the editor, open the HTML editor (<>)
9. In the “Adding a new page window” above, open
the HTML editor (< >). Paste the embed code in
the editor. Choose “Update”. “Save and return
to course”.
Example HTML (The bold text is the embed code copied in step 7):
<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>
The width and height of the video frame size can be edited in the code above.