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Charles Cole
Mark Cerritelli
Matthew Fister
Mine Yalcinalp
Test Cases
Concept: A device that acts as a virtual instrument
– Data logging, 6 accelerometer channels from one T-Mote being stored
– Working on gesture recognition (using AI principles) and risk mitigation
Test Cases:
– Bootstrapping
• PC sees message from new sender, and adds it to the sender list
Tear Down
• PC realizes it hasn't received a message in a while, alerts the user to this
User Gestures
• PC recognizes that the sender has gestured; plays associated sound
User Does Not Gesture
• PC sees data from the sender not correlated to a gesture; no sound is played
Multiple Users
• PC handles above use cases for more than one sender
Reliability – Data Loss
• PC misses a message from sender; does not play a sound as if user gestured
Performance Tests
• Latency
– Important for validity of gesture recognition
– Latency to get data through the system determines how fast we can detect the
user’s gesture
– Measured by average by sending a large number of messages from the T-Mote
to the data logger on the computer
– The total time of these messages can be measured and so the average latency
can be calculated
– Important because it sets the stage (almost literally) for a variety of usage
– Measure distance from the sender to the base station, while recording the
number of messages sent and the number of messages received
– Look for point where we have 99% received messages/total messages
– Varies with the multiple sender use case - interference.
Testing Process
• Performance tests
– Write test scripts to speed up process
• Functional tests
– Harder, because they need to include a user
• Instruct user to perform predetermined gestures
• Count number of gestures the user made vs. the
number of sounds that played
Looking Ahead
• Difficulties
– User testing
– Gesture use case most difficult to test
• Lessons Learned:
– Gesture recognition is hard
– Make sure you're reading all of your channels
instead of just one six times
• Next Steps
– Finalize Gesture Recognition
– Multiple T-Motes
• Questions?